Admit it, you’ve only really kept away from the Farming Simulator series due to the fact you couldn’t play as a female farmer. Well stay away no more for Farming Simulator 17 will allow both male and female farmers to tend to the crops, round up the sheep and drive some big old tractors!

Farming Simulator 17 will arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come October 25th and today has seen the announcement that female characters will be involved for the very first time. Not only will you be able to jump into the wellies of a lady, but you’ll also be able to hire female farm hands to help out with the every day running of the farm.

The latest Farming Simulator title will also bring the addition of console Mods, new vehicles and branded machinery, new animals to care for and new crops to sow.

In fact, it all sounds like it’ll be the most in-depth farming sim yet. If you like that kind of thing!

Further details will be released over the coming weeks but for now, there are a few new images to check out.

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5 years ago

They can help out in the virtual farmer’s kitchen. I kid, I kid.