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Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 14 – Autumn


As the leaves fall and the weather in the UK turns distinctly more wintery, the season mists and mellow fruitfulness has come to Forza Horizon 5. With the switch of the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges for Series 14 moving to Autumn we see more from the Donut Media circus, as well as all our weekly favourites getting an airing.

Welcome to Series 14 Autumn, welcome to Mexico, and welcome to TheXboxHub’s weekly roundup of helpful hints and tips, and cars that handle like hot dogs sliding down hallways…

Part 1: #Forzathon Weekly Challenge – Up to Speed

The subject of the weekly challenge this week is a truly iconic car, featuring in the greatest of all the Need for Speed games, Most Wanted. Yes, it is the BMW M3-GTR, and I for one am tickled pink that this car has its time to shine.

It is a not inconsiderable 180,000 credits to buy from the Autoshow, and if you don’t own the car, I’m afraid that is your only choice, as it isn’t a prize this week.

Chapter 1 – Icon of an Era

Get in your shiny M3-GTR, and drive it away before Razor comes to steal it!

Chapter 2 – Homologation

As this was a special edition made only so BMW could go racing (only 10 were ever made available to buy) we have to celebrate this by driving five miles in the car. Nope, me neither. Get in and start pedalling!

Top Tip : Do this along the main highway and you can pretty much tick off this week’s collectible challenge, too.

Chapter 3 – Street Legal

As the Beemer was a street legal car, we have to celebrate by getting a Daredevil skill. Basically, this means getting three near miss skills in a short period of time, so again, the motorway is your friend.

Chapter 4 – Car done Well

Get nine stars at PR Stunts of whatever flavour you fancy to complete this step.

As we are on the motorway, there are speed traps and speed zones to have a go at.

Part 2 – Weekly Challenges

I am delighted to see that there is no Eventlab nonsense this week, just a good old fashioned slew of racing goodies to have a crack at. Some time with The Trial, some championships, even some PR stunts, it is a smorgasbord of loveliness. Let’s get cracking.

The Trial – Bumper 2 Bumper

I can’t make the same Sultans of Ping FC joke twice in a row, can I? Well, this week we are tasked with using a vehicle of B Class 700 stature, of any flavour, to win some off road races. Along with a worthy crew of random racers from the dark side of the internet, that is!

Whenever the question of B Class and off road comes up, I always recommend a Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid, and this week is no different. The share code is: 166960440.

Victory in this event will see us walk off with a nice JCW Mini Buggy for our trouble.

Danger Sign – La Mesa

We have to jump, and there’s no easy way of saying this, over 300 metres from this danger sign. And the vehicle we have to use? An S2 Class 998. That’s the only restriction.

Now, given this is an off road jump, I am going to put my sensible trousers on and recommend a BMW X5-M Forza Edition, share code: 519084027. This one is a challenge, but ignoring the road and approaching in as straight a line as possible let me do it.

A Super Wheelspin seems a paltry reward after all the effort, but there you are.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 14 Autumn X5

Speed Zone – Punta Allen

Same restrictions as the Danger Sign, but a different setup.

We need to do better than 155 mph through this speed zone in an S2 Class 998 car, and for on road racing like this, there’s only one  choice – say it with me, “Koenigsegg Agera!”. Share code is 109282883. 

Again, quite tricky as the bends are very sharp, but cut as much as you dare and it is doable.

Another Super Wheelspin could be winging its way to you.

Drift Zone – Cara Este

This is more like it, or is it?

As regular readers will know, I do like a drift, but this promises to be a challenge. An S2 class 998 car (I went with a stock Hoonigan Hoonicorn Mustang) the longest drift zone in the game, and a target of 1,000,000 drift points. Insert your own mental Dr Evil gif here…

Keep sliding (as the car in stock trim works, no need for a share code) and a Super Wheelspin is yours.

Seasonal Championship – HRSPRS

No idea what that title is all about, but this championship requires us to jump into an S2 Class 998 Hypercar, and win best two out of three races in a convoy, or the championship overall if solo.

So, to shake things up a little, and in an attempt to reduce my carbon footprint after burning all those tyres, I went with a stock Nio EP9. What could be more normal than tyre bursting speed in silence, eh?

Victory in this championship will get us an Ariel Atom.

Seasonal Championship – Pop-Up Headlights

Odd title for a championship, you may think, until you realise that the cars you can use all have to have pop-up headlights! And be tuned to a maximum of B Class 700.

So, out of a surprisingly large choice of cars, I chose to get in touch with my inner hairdresser, and chose a Mazda MX-5 Miata. The share code is 133412220.

The courses in this championship are not very nice (racing through a tunnel under a town, what could could go wrong?) but stick with it and victory should be yours.

Winning this will get us a Dodge Durango, without pop-up headlights. Odd!

Forza Horizon 5 Series 14 Autumn MX-5

Seasonal Championship – Hilow

For this championship, we are restricted to a single car, the Nissan Fairlady Z from 2003, tuned to a max of B Class 700. I made a share code : 106041750.

It’s a bit rough and ready, as there’s not a lot tuning headroom left, but work around the lack of racing tyres and it is pretty capable.

Winning will get you a very nice Honda NSX-R from 1992. If it’s good enough for Ayrton Senna…

Part 3 – Other Challenges

Take a photo, smash some donuts (yes, really) and take part in Horizon Arcade, who could ask for more? What do you mean, where’s the treasure hunt?

Photo Challenge – #MOPOWABABY

Take a Ram Power Wagon 2500, one of the biggest, and frankly most unnecessary of the American pickups to the Sierra Verde dam, and tackle a photo. Easy, right? 

Well, yes!

I’ll share my efforts and the locations down below.

For getting all snap happy,  a “Bass Drop” horn can be yours. The Windows shutdown chime is still the best horn, however.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 14 Autumn Photo 1
Forza Horizon 5 Series 14 Autumn Photo 2

Collectibles – Doughnut Stop Me Now

Don’t worry about that whirring sound, it is just Freddy Mercury rotating in his grave!

It appears that someone has spilled donuts all over the main highway, and so we need to crash into ten of them .I don’t know about you, but crashing into things falling off the back of a lorry is always my first thought.

Smashing ten will get us a nice car, however, a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Presumably for our hard work in tidying up. I’ll include a photo of what to look for below.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 14 Autumn donut

Horizon Arcade Mini Games

You should know the score with these by now. Choose from a variety of disciplines (drift is by far the best) and with a team of like-minded players, complete three rounds of activities before the time runs out.

I can’t recommend a car, as it depends on what you are doing, but for a drift event, a stock Formula Drift Mk IV Supra takes a lot of beating.

Complete all three rounds and a whole 3 points will be yours towards the weekly prizes.

Part 4 – Hot Wheels Events

As we all know by now, you need to have reached at least Elite rank in the Hot Wheels Expansion before you can enter these events. Assuming you have, let’s crack on!

Speed Trap – Dragon’s Fall

We need to take an S2 Class 998 vehicle and fly past this speed trap at above 295 mph.That is pretty fast, no? I’m not sure even my mighty Koenigsegg can do that!

A slight tweak to the gearing makes it doable, however, and the speed share code is :409466764. Approach from round the bend to the left of the speed zone to hit a handy boost pad.

Another Super Wheelspin to be going on with.

Seasonal Championship – Joy of Cars

Despite repeating the title of last week’s championship, this week’s is slightly different. We are restricted to a mere S1 Class 900 this time, and so I went with an Audi R8 V10, share code :127412457.

You know what is coming – Win two out of three races in a convoy, or the championship solo, and win glorious prizes.

How glorious? How about an AMC Gremlin, a car so bad it was cast as one of the “Lemons” in the Pixar movie, Cars 2.

Series 14 is well underway and so you should already be in the market for a few new cars, picked up as rewards. If you don’t yet have enough points, remember you can earn more by taking in the Donut Media Horizon Story, whilst there are two new Monthly Rivals events too, each for 4pts. Nailing a clean lap around Horizon Mexico Circuit for the EV challenge and the Plays Azul Circuit should be easy enough. 

Those points go towards the cars and you’ll find the Morris Traveller and the Ferrari 599 GTO hiding behind the Autumn unlocks. There’s also the full Series 14 drops too – the SF90 Stradale sitting behind 80pts and the Alpine A110 ’17 for 160pts.. Following our guide is the best way to get these put into your garage. 

Series 14 will be moving into the Winter next and that means you’ll be able to earn more points, with those going towards the Ford Wagon and Zenvo ST1. 

If you’re unsure as to what you need to do in these challenges, your first port of call will be to get a copy of Forza Horizon 5 in your digital library. It’s available to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, all through the Xbox Store. And of course, if you don’t want to open the wallet, you can use the Game Pass service to get free access. 

We’d love to hear what you think of this article. Does it help you nail the challenges in Forza Horizon 5? Hit up the comments or the socials – we’re always around for a chat. 

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