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Publishers Pearl Abyss have unveiled that the Black Desert Mediah content expansion is now available on Xbox One. So get ready to indulge in the new region, gear, quests and features that the free update brings to this fantasy-action MMORPG.

The region of Mediah is a harsh, red landscape which serves as a gateway to the Valencian Desert and is accompanied by a console-exclusive storyline. You’ll visit Altinova, the heart of Mediah, to follow the main storyline that’s brimming with murder and mystery, or you could just simply take the scenic route filled with various side quests to fully immerse yourself in this world. Also available with the update is the Kaia Gear and Dim Magical Armor – as long as you’re a high enough level to equip such highly sought-after items.

With a removed level cap and the introduction of the Red Battlefield as well, you’re invited to engage in PvP battles to power up their characters. Make sure you’re on the lookout for powerful Pure Black Stones too!

Black Desert appears to have had a rather successful launch on Xbox One, seeing Pear Abyss provide a lot of available servers to cope with it and plenty of streamers sharing their adventures with the masses. Things can only get better too with the fresh addition of the free Mediah update. But what have you thought of Black Desert so far? Is the new content something that you’ll be getting involved in anytime soon?

Let us know by getting in touch via the comments section below or messaging us on social media, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our full review of Black Desert, which is coming soon.

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