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Bet you thought Game Freak were only bothered by Pokémon, eh? Think again, because it is they who have dropped GIGA WRECKER Alt. on to Xbox One.

Available to purchase and download right this very second, GIGA WRECKER Alt. has come about via a collaboration between Rising Star Games, Thunderful and Game Freak themselves, to push the story of Reika Rekkeiji, a young girl who becomes more than human, before being left to save humanity from the evil Ajeet. It will then be up to us players to guide the state-of-the-art cyborg Reika through destructible environments, navigate increasingly challenging puzzles & unearth the mysteries behind the sudden invasion that has left the world in ruins.

This sees GIGA WRECKER ALT. come across with a unique combination of platforming elements, intense combat opportunities, and a smattering of physics based puzzles, with Reika being left to destroy the world around her, before using that debris to form weapons and tools in order to take down the enemies.

With all new console exclusive content being included, you’ll find that GIGA WRECKER Alt. on Xbox One comes with an additional 20 puzzling stages, all full of creative and unique platforming actions. Further to that, a new Hard Mode will provide a pretty stern test for those who think GIGA WRECKER Alt. is a simple affair, whilst at the other end of the difficulty scale, a new companion will help guide you through the most taxing of puzzles.

New Content for Consoles Include:

  • 20 brand-new puzzle stages
  • New robot companion
  • New Hard Mode increases enemy damage fivefold
  • Overhaul of the original localization to bring forth the original’s charm
  • Italian and Traditional Chinese languages added for a total of 11 in-game languages (Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese).

Our full review of GIGA WRECKER Alt. on Xbox One is live and should certainly be taken in, especially if you are being tempted by the whole prospect. Once you’ve had a little perusal, head on over to the Xbox Store and nab yourself a copy of the game on Xbox One for just £20.99. You can also pick up GIGA WRECKER Alt. on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

It’s not all about Pokémon, you know!

Game Description:

In the near future, where Earth has been ravaged by robot invaders, the fate of the planet rests of the shoulders of a young girl who becomes more than human. Saved from death and cursed with cybernetic powers beyond comprehension, it’s up to Reika Rekkeiji to save humanity from the evil Ajeet in this exciting new game from legendary developer Game Freak! GIGA WRECKER ALT. combines frantic platforming, intense combat and physics-based puzzle challenges into one exciting adventure. By destroying robotic enemies and the world around her, Reika can form the resulting debris into all manner of weapons and tools. Use these to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles, navigate through platform-laiden levels, then take the fight to the robot invaders and save mankind from extinction before it’s too late!

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