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Hunkering down for winter, setting sights on a kill. It’s what Sniper Elite 5 does best, and with the latest content drop for the game, it does it better than ever before. Especially as that content is totally free to download. 

Available to download free of charge right now is the latest bit of Sniper Elite 5 content. A base game that whisks us off to 1944 France as we hop into the boots of the elite marksman Karl Fairburne, SE5 tasks us with putting an end to the most destructive of Nazi projects. 

Having released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC  back in mid-2022, it’s a game that has proven itself to be right at the top of the sharpshooting game. We reviewed Sniper Elite 5 and whilst we weren’t – and honestly, still aren’t – taken by the PvP side of things, the campaign is a stunner, the sniping action is awesome and those X-ray shots are utterly brutal. If you’ve played any of the Sniper Elite series previously, you owe it to yourself to get kitted up with Sniper Elite 5. 

But Rebellion have continued to build new elements into their shooter since release, with a host of new content dropping on a fairly regular basis; the most recent being the Conqueror Mission, Weapon and Skin Pack. Now though, there’s another option. And this one is free. 

Available at no extra cost to Sniper Elite 5 players comes the Winter Weapon Skin Pack. This doesn’t quite match up in terms of content with what has previously arrived, but for free, for no addition cash outlay? Well, you’d be mad not to grab it. 

But what does it bring? Well, the Sniper Elite 5 Winter Weapon Skin Pack adds in a rather cool, extremely frosty, super fresh Arctic Paint Scheme for ALL your guns in-game. Yep, that’s every single weapon you can lay your hands on, you’ll be able to coat it in a tasty arctic theme. 

Honestly, what more do you want from a free DLC drop?

You’ll find the Winter Weapon Skin Pack available at the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, whilst it should also be on the stores of other platforms too. Of course, you’ll need the base game of Sniper Elite 5 to hand in order to make the most of it. 

Let us know if you get a download moving. 

DLC Description:

Go frosty with the new FREE Winter Weapons Skin Pack for Sniper Elite 5. This free pack gives you the option to apply an Arctic paint scheme to all your in-game weapons, giving them a distinct winter camouflage look. Your enemies will be frozen with fear, that’s if they even see you coming!

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Captain Chao5
Captain Chao5
13 days ago

SE5 campaign is fantastic. Getting a long-range nutshot is weirdly satisfying LOL Sounds like this DLC is more MP focused (shame), but might give it a download anyway.