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We want to say we remember the Caverns of Mars, yet whilst the screenshots from the early 1980s get some things whirring in our minds, that’s about all it does. But there’s enough in those memory banks to ensure that when Atari release their Recharged version of Caverns of Mars, we’re going to be all over it. 

We’re big fans of the Atari Recharged series of games, as the iconic publisher looks to bring back a host of games from yesteryear, remaking, redoing, remastering them to fit a modern gaming audience. It’s a plan that has gone great guns in recent months too and we’d wholeheartedly recommend you play through the likes of Centipede: Recharged, Breakout: Recharged, Gravitar: Recharged, Missile Command: Recharged and more. 

But next up in Atari’s quest for world domination (again) will be Caverns of Mars: Recharged. Confirmed to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam and GOG) and Atari VCS later in the spring of 2023, Caverns of Mars: Recharged takes the old vertical scrolling shooter and blasts it into life, with more caverns, more weapons and a trance-pumping soundtrack in tow. 

Keeping with the retro charm but building on things massively, Caverns of Mars: Recharged will see you given the opportunity to descend through Mars, carefully feeding your way through the subterranean landscape, taking down enemies with your limited ammo supply. 

With thirty unique missions in place, you’ll go deep into the Red Planet itself, working through three primary ‘depths’ as you go; deeper into enemy territory than ever before. Dodging obstacles and debris, all as you fire back at your foes will be par for the course here, but so will keeping a beady eye on your fuel and ammo levels. 

caverns of mars recharged screenshot

Caverns of Mars: Recharged will also come with a local cooperative mode, as one player navigates and the other takes charge of a little drone, shooting away. 

And if you are at all familiar with how Atari have built out their Recharged series so far, Caverns of Mars: Recharged tries similar lines. A global leaderboard will let you compete in terms of points or speed, whilst an original soundtrack will bring the trance, featuring a host of award-winning artists and composer Megan McDuffee. 

“Caverns of Mars is a great early example of a game designed for Atari’s 8-bit computers, which makes it a perfect addition to the Atari Recharged series,”said Atari CEO Wade Rosen. “It’s an intensely fun arcade-style experience in both single player and two-player co-op.”

The key features of Caverns of Mars: Recharged include:

  • Fully Destructible: The environments in Caverns of Mars: Recharged are fully destructible — don’t hesitate to blast through any obstruction in your way, but be wary of fuel reserves. Each shot depletes fuel, but speedy travel grants time bonuses!
  • Arcade Mode: Traverse the depths of Mars in three stages, strategically choosing upgrades and power-ups that will make each run unique
  • Challenge Mode: Progress through 30 bite-sized challenges across navigation, combat, and other exciting scenarios 
  • Perky Power-Ups: Collect weapons that will change your strategy on the fly for tactical maneuvering. Carve a new path with a well-aimed railgun shot or let the spread of a shotgun blast do the talking for you!

With SneakyBox on development duties and Atari handling the usual publishing stuff, we cannot wait to see Caverns of Mars: Recharged launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC and Atari VCS. 

Give the trailer below a watch and let us know if you’ll be going deep. 

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