The full release of NBA 2K17 is just around the corner but from today you can start getting involved in your MyCAREER mode with the free Prelude download.

Available to download for free right now on Xbox One, NBA 2K17: The Prelude gives you the chance to put your guy through his 2K17 paces, sending him off to play for one of 10 great colleges inthe hope that you can improve your draft ranking ahead of the main event. With your progress quite obviously transferring over to the full NBA 2K17 title when it releases on 16th Sept, if you’re itching to get involved, then you should be making your way over to the Xbox One Games Store right now.

Just don’t fluff your big chance!

Game Description:

Get a head start on your MyPLAYER career for free! Choose between 10 great colleges and play to improve your draft ranking. Your progress in the Prelude will transfer over to NBA 2K17.


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