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Bored of repeatedly travelling the usual lines with the same old passengers in Train Sim World 2, or had enough of the monotonous bus routes in Bus Simulator, and just fancy cruising around as a no-nonsense trucker instead? Then haul your backside into the nearest cab with On The Road – Truck Simulator, which has just arrived on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PS4.

Edit: 20/02/21 – Our full review of On The Road – Truck Simulator on Xbox is now live.

Whatever your trucking heart desires, On The Road – Truck Simulator aims to deliver in this realistic truck simulation. Get behind the wheel of licensed vehicles from Scania and MAN, which should behave like the genuine articles as they include automatic transmissions, retarder/intarder, and assistance systems – all the essentials. Then head out on the roads belonging to 16 different German cities, such as Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, and Hannover; for that’s how you’re going to earn a living.

The idea is to be in charge of a trucking company that accepts and fulfils cargo orders, which could see you hauling loads that require anything from a mere semi-trailer to the rather huge Gigaliner setup. Plan the routes thoroughly for maximum efficiency, while remembering to factor in rest times, and the money will start rolling in. The more profit you garner, the more that can be reinvested into the business to acquire additional trucks and drivers.

Germany awaits your arrival, but if you wish to get trucking along the 6000km of motorways and head down the country roads, a toll must be paid via the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store. Only after paying £24.99 can you live out your dreams in On The Road – Truck Simulator and try to make a career of it. Leave us a comment below and tell us whether you’ll look to carve out a pathway in this line of work, or not!

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And if you’re on the fence, unsure whether another trucking experience is going to be for you after what Truck Driver delivered, stay tuned for our full review of On The Road – Truck Simulator in the days and weeks ahead.

Game Description:

From 18 tonners to the Gigaliner, On The Road – Truck Simulator offers everything a trucker’s heart desires. In this realistic truck simulation, you have more than 6500 km of motorway and country roads at your disposal – including numerous detailed motorway interchanges. Get behind the steering wheel of a MAN TGX or Scania R Series and discover more than 15 German cities like Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Hannover, and Berlin, with unique road designs and sights. Additionally, numerous other points of interest are waiting to be discovered along your journey, as well. Thanks to the cooperation with MAN and Scania, the trucks behave very realistically – including automatic transmissions, retarder/intarder, and assistance systems. From compact box bodies to semi-trailers and even gigaliners, you’ll have the right cargo volume available for every delivery order. Thanks to the Steam Workshop support, you can paint every vehicle and trailer as you desire. On The Road also features an economic system. Found your own company and hire drivers so you can accept more orders. Plan your routes as efficiently as possible, but keep an eye on the mandatory rest times as well. Get on the move – Germany’s roads are waiting for you!


  1. This game is good,but i do want to use my steering wheel. Without that this game is really bad,and i do like to see what happen around me in the mirrors.


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