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Don’t go Crazy and instead Get a Grip of yourself as the second Aerosmith Song Pack keeps the Rocksmith train a-rolling – with the stunning Love in an Elevator headlining the bundle.

It was back in 2014 when we first saw Aerosmith rock up onto Rocksmith, with a five-song pack providing enough tunes to draw in the most hardcore of fans. Today though we see Aerosmith return to the Rocksmith scene and this time round it’s a trio of tunes for us to enjoy – and if truth be told, these are the songs we’ve been looking for. 

Priced up at £6.69 for the full Aerosmith Song Pack II, or seeing each of the individally available tracks present and correct for £2.49 each, the following absolute belters massively enhance the Rocksmith library…

  • Crazy
  • Love in an Elevator
  • Train Kept A-Rollin

As always, these latest editions to the Rocksmith library will ensure that anyone who thinks of themselves as a fan of the mega-band will have the chance to purchase, download, learn, play and eventually master the riffs involved, harnessing your inner Joe Perry and nailing the rhythm and leads, then the Xbox Store and PlayStation Stores will more then sort you out.

With Rocksmith 2014 Edition and the later Rocksmith Remastered providing all manner of guitar learning experiences, it really is the fastest way to learn guitar – as our review of the game on Xbox One points to. And whilst it’s super easy to pick up too, it may just be a little while before you hit mega-stardom like those in Aerosmith.

But hey, you know what they say, practice makes perfect and the Aerosmith Song Pack II for Rocksmith allows for just that. 

Let us know if you decide to pick up this latest Rocksmith pack by posting in the comments below. And don’t forget, if you aren’t a fan of what Aerosmith bring to the musical madness, then there are a whole slew of other Rocksmith DLC packs already available.

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