Since the moment we first laid eyes on Godzilla, there has always been a fascination with larger than life monsters; those as tall as skyscrapers and capable of causing destruction on a massive scale. From Godzilla to King Kong and even the Transformers, the years since have seen the game and movie industries amorously pushing these gigantic creatures onto our screens at every opportunity. More often than not we’ve lapped it up.

Should you be old enough to have enjoyed the delights of games such as War of the Monsters though, then you’ll already know just how much fun it can be to jump into a game controlling something capable of wide-spread destruction, and it seems the guys over at The Balance Inc. share those thoughts too… at least if their latest game Override: Mech City Brawl is anything to go by.

Override: Mech City Brawl is essentially a Mech based spiritual successor to that of War of the Monsters, in which players step into the cockpit of one of the 12 different Transformers-sized Mechs before heading into battle. Each of the Mechs have their own unique designs – which can also be customised within the in-game garage with any of the skins and accessories unlocked through gameplay – along with their own play style and special moves.

There will be some distinct game modes included when the game releases too – 1v1, 2v1, 2v1v1, 2v2, 3v1 and Free-For-All, each in an online or offline capacity. However within the preview I had access to, restrictions limited it all to 1v1 online versus and local play.

One thing I found rather interesting with Override was the teased option to jump in with four players to control one single Mech, with each player being assigned a different limb. This is interesting because the combat in Override: Mech City Brawl plays a lot like games such as SoulCalibur or Tekken and much like those games, combat is tied to each limb having its own unique attacking button, as well as its own special attack. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this one-Mech multi-players system will work.

Unfortunately, unlike other popular fighting games, you can’t exactly learn the move sets needed to dominate play as despite being Mechs, each character does oddly have a stamina bar, one that fills up surprisingly quickly. This means chaining a combo isn’t exactly a focus, or even a real possibility, and so to eventually be able to control a limb each sounds like one that will lead to some incredible tactical play when the game launches in December.

Whilst there are plenty of interesting things hinted at for the final launch, as it currently stands there are still a few things missing that would be a shame to see overlooked, especially if the spirit of Override: Mech City Brawl is to standout. See, during battle, players will be found taking to some fine environments such as populated cities, full of smash-able buildings, and many other fully destructible maps. Disappointingly though, there seems to be no way of utilising the damaged environment to attack your enemies, something which really is needed for this type of battle. Although you may be able to flatten buildings, what I really want is to be able to throw my enemies into them and then pick up the remains in order to truly destroy them. At present this isn’t possible and is something that will prove to be a missed opportunity if it isn’t implemented.

There also needs to be some work on balancing the weapons – although I’m sure that will be high on the development team’s agenda in the coming weeks. That’s because during each match players will have the opportunity to pick up specially dropped weapons to use against their opponents, however although they may be varied, the damage output on some of them is truly shocking and hugely unfair – the likes of the shotgun almost guarantees a win should you be the first to equip it. Weapons are a nice addition but there needs to be a way of defending and countering should you be the one on the receiving end, especially if the game is to be a fair battle of skill.

Whilst there are only a matter of weeks to go until launch, Override still needs a bit of polish if it’s going to be one to mark a true revival to the Mech brawling genre, and that means there is still a little way to go before this game can truly reach its possible potential.


Massive thanks go to Dead Good Media for providing access to allow this preview. You will be able to find Override: Mech City Brawl available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come 4th December 2018 for £24.99. There will also be a Super Charged Mega Edition, which includes extra content in the form of more mechs and skins for £29.99.

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