Anodyne may look just like any other 16-bit adventure, but this one throws you in to the subconscious mind of the protagonist, before tasking you with navigating your way through the mess and helping sweep away his many demons.

Young is the main character of Anodyne and by entering his mind you’ll be given the chance to work your way through his personal puzzles, defeat many enemies by sweeping them away with his trusty brrom.

The more you advance, the greater Young will grow – in both confidence and ability – and so by the time you meet the evil Briar, should be in good shape to save Young’s subconscious falling into total darkness.

Priced up at just £7.99, if you fancy taking in a 16-bit action adventure that comes with a rather unique little feel, then Anodyne should see you right. The Xbox Store will sort you out with an Xbox One download, whilst those on PS4 will have been able to gain access for a few days already.

Should you wish to know more about the world of Anodyne then our full review should be checked out. It’s coming, very soon!

Game Description:

Harking back to 16-bit adventures, Anodyne pits you as Young against a weird world inside their own subconscious. Immersed in a moody, dream-like soundtrack explore a world full of natural, urban and abstract environments, solving puzzles and defeating enemies…with a broom! Inspired by old-school 16-bit adventure classics, take part in a deep and wonderful journey exploring a large overworld and many quirky, challenging and fun dungeons to find out what awaits you in Young’s subconscious.

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