When the DC universe is in trouble, it’s usually left to the Justice League’s finest of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to save the day. Occasionally though, those who threaten to bring harm to the world are of a more supernatural disposition and so a specialist group, a sub-division of sorts, get called upon to eliminate such villainy. They are the lesser known comic book characters of Justice League Dark and a few of this ragtag bunch have wound up as DLC for LEGO DC Super-Villains. Is the Justice League Dark Character Pack worth your cash though?

Justice League Dark Character Pack

Firstly, the Justice League Dark Character Pack not going to break the bank by any means given that it’s priced at a mere £1.59 – you can probably find that much down the back of your sofa. What this pack brings is a selection of the weird and wonderful folk who have at some point been members of Justice League Dark. There are six additions in total, with two of them being large character models and four of the standard mini-figures. Don’t expect extra levels or anything; you’re only going to get more characters for your ever-expanding roster to use in free-play and the open world hubs. So let’s find out who these mysterious characters are and what they can do then.

One of the larger characters is Etrigan, who’s the demonic counterpart of Jason Blood, a knight from Camelot that became bound to the vicious demon at the hands of Merlin. Whilst you cannot transform him into human form – which is a slight disappointment – Etrigan comes equipped with a neat looking sword, has the ability to shoot out beams to destroy gold LEGO objects, possesses super strength and can jump massively high. The other ‘big-fig’ is a creature that bears a great responsibility for the plant life in the world, Swamp Thing. He is also very strong, immune to most dangers and performs huge leaps, but what sets him apart from Etrigan is the ability to manipulate plants in the form of an attack and to create useful objects.

The most recognisable face in the rest of the pack is that of John Constantine – seen recently in TV series DC Legends of Tomorrow. The Scouse sorcerer is another who seems to have an affinity with the plants in LEGO DC Super-Villains, however the coolest tricks up his sleeve is being able to cast a shield of protection around himself and control people’s minds. Then there’s the magnificent magician Zatanna and the truly magical powers that allow electricity beams to flow from her wand. She’s also got a shield, albeit a less interesting one than Constantine, is rather acrobatic and can move magic-based LEGO objects using Telekinesis. I’m not all that impressed by Zatanna’s attire though as it lacks a certain pizzazz.

Deadman, being a former circus performer known as Boston Brand, is a nimble supernatural superhero and current ghost since he met an untimely demise. His usefulness in the LEGO world knows almost no bounds, with stealth, mind control, teleportation and flight just the highlights of this guy’s strengths. Last, but not least, is the vengeful cosmic entity on a crusade against all evildoers, Spectre. Even though he looks like a budget Doctor Doom (the Marvel villain), his powers enable him to grow into a big-fig at will, which is pretty darn nifty, and he can reveal hidden LEGO thanks to having worked as a detective – GCPD’s Jim Corrigan – before becoming Spectre.

Whether you should invest a small portion of your spare cash in the LEGO DC Super-Villains Justice League Dark Character Pack depends on the amount of interest in the group itself. This DLC won’t convert you into a fan of Justice League Dark and having no focused level to accompany them, which would’ve provided purpose, is a missed trick. If you’re someone who’s familiar with them though, it’s a damn bargain and it’d be foolish to not lay out the money.

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