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Anyone who has played Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing will know all about the intentions of the team at Monster Games to push forward with DLC packs. After-all, the option to shoot to the Store is front and centre of the action. Today though is the first time we’ll get the opportunity to enhance our game some more, with the arrival of the Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing The Road Course DLC.

Available to purchase from the Xbox Store this very minute, The Road Course DLC is the first new content drop to arrive in the game, and it delivers not just one but two brand new courses for us to race on. But that’s not all and for the £4.19 asking price, it also drops a few new vehicle liveries in to the action for good measure, allowing anyone who wishes to standout from the crowd the chance to do so.

The Road Course content pack for Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing first and foremost provides new courses – pretty much as the name implies. This will see us taking a trip to Palm Tree Motorsports Pack and Shadeville Raceway Park, with different challenges arriving for each. If you thought you were done with the multitude of ovals that the base game brings then think again as further Quick Race, Split Screen and Online capabilities and catered for.

Further to that though are a number of new liveries, letting you kit your TQ Midgets and both 305 and 410 Sprint vehicles in new garb. The Patriotic Paint Scheme lets you paint your car in red, white and blue, whilst the Stealth and Gold options both pretty much deliver what they say on the tin – if you fancy some bling or want to go under the radar then these are the liveries for you.

Of course, you’ll need the base game to hand prior to consideration of these new DLC packs for Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing, but chances are you’ve got that in place already if you’re reading this. From then though, the Xbox Store will sort you out with a download of The Road Course DLC.

And if you wish to know more about how Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing plays out on Xbox One, check out our review.

DLC Description:

As the first road course available for Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing, Palm Tree Motorsports Park will provide a fresh challenge. The second road course available for Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing, Shadeville Raceway Park provides some gentle turns, but watch your speed entering the hairpin! Dress your car in red, white, and blue with the Patriotic paint scheme, blind everyone else on the race track in the stunning Gold paint scheme, and sneak up on the competition in the new Stealth paint job!

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