Digital Extremes are ushering in spring with a brand new co-op mode and new Warframe for both Xbox One and PS4 players to get involved with. Want all the details?

Available today, the 35th Warframe begins to enter the fray as Khora (the first Warframe of 2018) and the Sanctuary Onslaught – a brand new team based survival style mode – hits the game as part of the Beasts of Sanctuary.

The stylistically armor-clad Khora offers a versatile combination of offensive and defensive capabilities starting with a metallic whip that strikes from a distance and follows up with a metallic Kavat (cat pet) that quickly engulfs enemies in a whirlwind of pain.

Khora’s Abilities include all of the following:

  • Whipclaw: Send enemies reeling with a deafening whipcrack.
  • Ensnare: Bind a hapless target in living metal, entangling others who stray too close. Disperse the trap with a crack of the whip.
  • Venari: Summon a ferocious, gleaming Kavat. Use again to cycle between Attack, Protect, and Heal postures.
  • Strangledome: Weave a dome of living chain that ensnares and strangles any enemy within, and any foolish enough to approach.

And it is in the new Sanctuary Onslaught mode, where Khora can be found, which will enable solo players, or a squad of up to four, to quickly dash through timed portals while blasting waves of increasingly powerful enemies. Both Khora and Sanctuary Onslaught together offer fresh new ways for Tenno to harness Warframe’s cooperative chaos, and both are free with the Beasts of the Sanctuary update.

Sanctuary Onslaught challenges players to work together to survive endless waves of Warframe enemies standing in their way of escaping through the next portal. Players must quickly slay enemies en masse while proceeding through uniquely crafted environments to random portals — and then do it all again, all against the clock!

Will that include you? Let us know in the comments below.


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