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Still battling through with Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance? The latest DLC drops for the games are here, and if you’re after a bit more customisation or a helping hand, they certainly do the business. 

Available to download into your Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance titles right this minute are a number of new tasty DLC drops, with RE3 players given instant unlocks without the need for the grind, whilst those still intent on taking in the 1vs4 online experience of Resistance will discover some new threads. 

First things first and the Resident Evil 3 content comes in the form of All In-game Rewards Unlock. Priced at £3.99, this will give those players struggling to unlock specific options through gameplay alone the chance to grab some instant relief, unlocking the Nightmare and Inferno difficulty modes – although honestly, why you’d want to do that is beyond me – all the available character models, all the concept art and the shop and all items within. Yep, £3.99 doesn’t seem all that bad, eh?

Further to that are the additions for Resident Evil Resistance, the online multiplayer scene that has caused a bit of a stir. Here and now we discover new costumes for both male and female survivors, either available individually for £2.39 or as a double pack for £3.99. These costumes will let you kit Tyrone, Samuel and Martin in the outfit of rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy, whilst the female survivors of Valerie, January, Becca and Jill can be kitted out as Claire Redfield. 

You’ll obviously need the base game of both Resident Evil 3 and the bundled Resistance to hand in order to even consider a purchase of either of these new DLC options, but if you’re a fan of Resident Evil and just have to have the latest gear, then well, what’s stopping you? Just get over to our favoured digital store – we love the Xbox Store!

And if you need more Resident Evil in your life – check out our article covering the best spin-offs from the series.

resident evil resistance Leon & Claire Survivor Costume 2 pack
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