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Pilot the Popcorn Rocket for some food-based fun

popcorn rocket
Popcorn Rocket – food based gaming fun

Take a trip down memory lane with Popcorn Rocket on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. This is an exhilarating top-down space shooter that channels the glory days of arcade gaming.

Popping today onto Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC via Steam and PlayStation 5, get ready to engage in an epic battle against the sinister Nebula Empire, all thanks to the release of Popcorn Rocket. 

Battle against the onslaught of food-based puns!

Developers Battle Geek Plus have taken everything we love about food to create their comedic game. 

You’ll join Colonel Kernel and the Popcorn Rocket crew as they face off against the nefarious Nebula Empire, led by the baddies such as diabolical Dr. Nebula, Cholesterol Commander, General Gluten and Major Metabolism. 

In Popcorn Rocket you’ll want to stay vigilant. The Nebula Empire won’t hesitate to clog your arteries if you’re not careful. Ships are inspired by various food groups, including Pie Fighters, Blueberry Bombers, Pie Destroyers, and Cupcake Crushers. 

You’ll fight your enemies with an arsenal of popcorn weapons in different flavours, choosing from butter, caramel, kettle, cheese, chocolate, and more. Each popcorn weapon comes with unique functionalities, including rapid fire, spread, homing, lasers, and nova bombs. 

You can also pop your way to victory by unlocking the Popcorn Combo system. This will let you efficiently eliminate multiple enemies, racking up extra points, bonuses, and even extra lives. 

This is a game that will make more than your controller rumble! Snacks on standby are highly recommended. Maybe something out of the recently released Apex Legends: The Official Cookbook will be suitable?

Bring you spaceship skills

Your spaceship piloting skills will be put to the ultimate test as you navigate through calorie-filled assaults from the Nebula Empire and get hit by a myriad of food-based puns. 

Popcorn Rocket promises a fully voiced experience filled with silly food-based jokes and dialogue. That alone should add a cheesy charm to your galactic adventure.

Along the way, you’ll also get to jam out to a nostalgic soundtrack featuring 8-bit, 16-bit, and orchestral tunes.

Get a taste for Popcorn Rocket by watching the game trailer: 

Start Popping on Xbox

You can grab the Xbox release of Popcorn Rocket now on the Xbox Store. It’s priced at just £4.19. It is also available to play on Steam and PlayStation.

Want a review? We’ll look to get popping our thoughts to the world soon. 

Game description

Play it old school like being back in the arcade in a fluid top-down space shooter which feels as smooth as buttery popcorn! Have fun blasting away old school style as you jam out to some rockin’ 8-bit, 16-bit, and orchestral tunes just like playing arcade games at the movie theater!

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