It promises to be the fastest racing game available and today 505 Games have confirmed that Redout will be coming to Xbox One and PS4 in full retail kit.

If you enjoyed the likes of WipeOut, Rollcage and F-Zero, then chances are you’re going to love Redout. With more than 25 stylish tracks in place, a heart pounding soundtrack to push things along, it’ll be up to you to jump into the driver’s seat and go head to head with up to 12 friends in one of the fastest, most uncompromising driving experiences yet.

AD 2560 and Earth has been stripped of its natural resources. Global warming caused the melting of the northern polar ice cap, tropical storms ravage all areas that didn’t suffer from desertification and pockets of humans are crawling their lives away in a few slums, descendants of those who were left behind or refused to leave.

Others meanwhile have upped sticks and shifted to the Moon, Mars, Titan, and Saturn’s other moons. Earth is often used, but now as a location for entertainment events like hi-speed races, futuristic amusement parks and zoos, which allows local communities to work and profit in a harsh environment.


One of the most popular sports is the SRRL, or Solar RedOut Racing League: the fastest racing league ever created, where humanity’s best pilots drive high speed, anti-gravity ships on magnetic tracks, risking their lives at each and every corner, in exchange for never-ending glory.

Key features of Redout include:

  • Online multiplayer: Challenge up to 12 players from around the globe to find out who the best RedOut pilot is.
  • Career mode: Carve out your path to glory with 93 different racing events, varying experience, and an array of challenging levels.
  • Customizable Ships: Invest in improving your Engine, Magnets, Structure and Energy to get your ship track-ready.
  • See the world: Put the pedal to the metal on 25 different tracks scattered around 5 locations on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Push the envelope on additional boss circuits to see what you are made of.
  • 10 Event Types: Test your skills in 10 different events: Race, Pure Race, Time Attack, Pure Time Attack, Speed, Instagib, Survival, Score Based Endurance, Last Man Standing, Arena Race.
  • Team up: Drivers will have their pick of 6 different racing teams with each team requiring a different driving approach and 4 increasingly fast racing classes to see if you make the cut.
  • Power ups: To get that competitive edge, you have the option of 12 upgradable power-ups: additional turbo, shields, self-repair drone, advanced grip system, slipstream enhancers, and more.

So, if you’ve been holding out for a super quick racer that brings tons of power ups and the chance to best your mates, then Redout looks sets to deliver. As soon as that release date is known, we’ll let you know. For now though, a bit of a tease in the trailer below will have to do.

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