There’s an award winning RPG heading towards Xbox One and PS4 – want to know more about its release date and pre-order bonuses?

Larian Studios have today confirmed that Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition will be arriving on Xbox One and PS4 from Oct 27th 2015.

Pre-ordering the game from participating retailers will see you gather up the Last Trick Bag, bringing new cosmetic items and the White Dragon wand – one of the new weapons for one of two new combat styles in Enhanced Edition – which comes with the Ice Wall Skill.

The Last Trick Bag will contain the following:

  • Grumio’s Backpack
  • Pamphlet of recipes
  • 3 x Grumio’s Cotton Candy Dye
  • 2 x Grenades ingredients
  • 1 x Inert Wand
  • With these ingredients, you can create: Scales of Steel grenade, White Dragon wand (with an Ice Wall skill)

The DLC will also be made available for purchase after the game’s release but if you want it pronto, pre-ordering is the only way to go.

Additionally, Xbox One owners will be able to grab even more DLC after launch. Alongside the Last Trick Bag, the Forgotten Trick Bag will include:

  • Grumio’s Backpack
  • Pamphlet of recipes
  • 3 x Grumio’s Petrol Brand Dye
  • 2 x Grenades ingredients
  • 1 x Inert Wand
  • With these ingredients, you can create: Breaching Fire grenade, Silver Dragon wand (with a Teleportation skill)

Grumio himself wishes to tell you more about these bags!…

“To Whom It May Concern (preferably an imp),
I, Grumio, son of Gromio, have made new strides in the fields of fashion, engineering and Things-That-Go-BOOM! Colours are hidden in my jars, but they do more than dye: they DESTRUCT when used for purposes more entertaining than vogue and vagary! Just combine them with empty grenades and you’ll soon see for yourself… The design of wands too -them nifty wizards’ tools- I have improved to great and unique effects. Little do those one-trick-pony magicians know how an impalytical mind like mine outshines them O so brightly! A specially crafted sprocket is all one needs to add powerful attributes to inert wands. What fun, what jolly mischief the results!
So rejoice, dear reader, for you have learned some of the secrets of Grumio! “

Prepare to venture into the vibrant and volatile world of Rivellon from October 27th on Xbox One and PS4.


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