A time travelling cat is manipulating the timeline in order to influence certain people into doing his evil bidding. You and your couch buddies are the only hope to stop him from achieving global domination in Agents vs Villain. Are you up to the task?

Playing the role of a secret agent, the aim is to bring down the villain before someone else does and claim all of the glory in the process. Whoever takes up the role of the agents must hinder their fellow justice deliverers by punching each other into deathly traps and off ledges on the route to the villain’s lair, garnering as few deaths as possible. One person can actually be the villain, which enables the ability to control the traps within a level and, at the end of each world, act as a boss with actual abilities to try and fight off the agents.

In an effort to bring the art of couch gaming back, Agents vs Villain ideally has to be enjoyed with four players at the ready – or at the very least two, but that isn’t recommended. If this is the type of party game you’re after and can gather enough people together to get the best out of it, then Agents vs Villains is available for purchase on Xbox One, via the Xbox Store, for £15.99.

Game Description:

Compete with your friends and family in this action-packed party platformer game. One player takes the role as the evil cat villain trying to take over the world, while others are secret agents competing against each other to stop the villain, and to become the world’s greatest secret agent. Each level is filled with deadly traps such as flamethrowers, saws, lava, laser cannons and much more – all controlled by the villain. But beware! The villain isn’t your only enemy. The other agents will sabotage for you so they can safely pass. When the agents have made it through the villains lair they face the villain in an epic boss fight. Whoever plays the villain will control the boss in a retro style boss encounter. The agents need to cooperate to defeat the boss, but even here they can betray each other to make sure they steal all the glory. After each world is cleared the game, will select a new villain. When all players have played the villain once, you will know which one of you is the best agent. At least until the next game… If you are looking for a fun party game for 3 to 4 players make sure to try it out! We hope you have as much fun playing it, as we had making it.

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