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Side-scrolling RPG Regions of Ruin now available on Xbox One

Regions of Ruin Xbox One

With the dwarven race nearing extinction, you’re the only hope in Regions of Ruin and now it’s time for you to help prevent it occuring by exploring, fighting and building. Are you up to the task in this new 2D side-scrolling RPG on Xbox One?

Coming from publishers JanduSoft (Caveman Warriors, Neonwall etc.), Regions of Ruin throws you into an open-world that aims to progressively challenge your heroic fighting and settlement building skills. You see, kingdoms have risen and fallen here, whilst settlements have been laid to waste and overrun by warring groups. As a result the dwarven race is facing extinction, so they require rescuing and recruiting into the newly created township.

There are a multitude of quests take on as you delve further into the storyline, with combat and resource acquisition playing a part in these proceedings. The combat system enables levelling up and the skill tree present allows you to focus on a fighting style that suits. Exploration is an important aspect too due to the great mysteries – and extensive loot – that remain hidden, just waiting to be uncovered; as long as you can overcome the guardians protecting them, of course. Alternatively, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, mercenaries can be hired and sent out.

Should the pixelated 2D side-scrolling RPG Regions of Ruin sound like the kind of experience you’re looking for, it’s now available on Xbox One for £8.39 via the Xbox Store. It can also be bought from the respective digital stores for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch!

Game Description:

Ever wonder what would happen if Kingdom met a broad, skill based open world RPG? Welcome to Regions of Ruin. Regions of Ruin is a 2D side-scrolling RPG with town-building where you are introduced to an open world that progressively challenges your hero and settlement the further you delve into the vast continent. You will discover a foreboding land ravaged by hundreds of years of hardship. Where, kingdoms have risen and fallen, settlements have been laid to waste and overrun by warring groups, and great mysteries lay hidden and waiting to be unearthed – assuming you can defeat their jealous guardians.

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