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Up until just a few weeks back we hadn’t heard too much of Victory Road, especially not on the Xbox scene. But here they are delivering yet another new gaming experience to console, with the launch of IN-VERT on Xbox One. 

If hardcore platforming is your bag then chances are a purchase and download of IN-VERT on Xbox One is going to be for you, as Victory Road follow up on the launch of Oliver’s Adventures in the Fairyland and Pixel Devil and the Broken Cartridge to provide yet another cheap and cheerful gaming opportunity to Xbox One fans. 

Priced up at a mere £4.19, IN-VERT on Xbox One combines hardcore platforming with a variety of puzzle elements, and a rather tasty little artstyle. With those three elements holding things together, and the narrative pushing along the tale of a lone robot who has decided to hunt down his long-lost master, IN-VERT promises much, and for the price asked, it’s not going to break the bank should you wish to take a punt on it. 

It’s a hugely intriguing premise too, with inter-dimensional world flipping present, as you attempt to get to grips with the tough puzzling moments, and the pinpoint precision required by some old-skool jumping action. 

The Xbox Store will happily deliver the goods in terms of an IN-VERT download and heading over there and dropping the measly asking price should probably be the next thing you do today. Or of course you could keep an eye out for our full review of IN-VERT on Xbox One. It’s not live yet, but it will be very soon. 

Game Description:

Distinct features of IN-VERT are it’s hardcore approach to platforming genre with puzzle elements and unique art-direction. Game narrates the story of lone robot in search of his disappeared master. In his quest to find the long-lost friend, our hero has to conquer two universes at once, relentlessly switching between two dimensions. Be prepared for some tough puzzles, jumping sequences and retro graphics like you’ve never seen before.

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