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Super Sports Blast delivers three popular sports in one game for Xbox One, Series X|S, PS4 and Switch

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What’s better than enjoying your favourite sport being brought to life in a game? Indulging in three sports at once, of course, which is a possibility created by Super Sports Blast bringing three arcade style offerings packaged together for a launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. So, grab a racket, lace up your boots, and get ready to spike a few balls with this trio of games rolled into one. 

Developers Unfinished Pixel want the gaming masses to hone their sporting skills this Christmas – and beyond – with an arcade-y collection of their frenzy-filled sports titles in the form of Super Sports Blast. It features three sports games that can be played in single player or in local multiplayer: Super Soccer Blast, Super Volley Blast, and Super Tennis Blast. These enable you to have a go at some 11-a-side football antics, partake in a spot of volleyball, and serve your way to glory via the medium of tennis. Don’t expect anything too serious though, as the trio aims to break away from the simulation and realism of other sport games.

You may have already played these titles before and loved them, but the fact Super Sports Blast brings an entirely new set of achievements could be an enticing factor for a potential re-purchase. For everyone else, there’s the simple and intuitive gameplay, plenty of replay value, custom tournaments and the in-depth avatar editor – allowing you to personalise the characters you intend to use.

Whether you are wanting to outwit the goalie to win a game of footy, or attempting to spike your way to a volleyball victory, the Xbox Store is your first port of call. The entire 3-1 experience of Super Sports Blast is priced at £20.99 – discounted to £16.79 for two weeks – which could well serve up a lot of family fun!

Game Description:

Take to the field and prepare to have a blast! Create your own character and grind your way up to be the champion in three of the world’s most popular sports. Get ready for kick-off and play some soccer, own the Tennis court and spike your opponent in the Volley field. Each sport features its own in-depth modes with various tournaments to conquer!

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