the elder scrolls online ascending tide

Whilst PC, Mac and Google Stadia players will have had the opportunity to be wary of the Ascending Tide in The Elder Scrolls Online for a few weeks already, it’s now time to bring Xbox and PlayStation gamers into the experience too. 

Available today in The Elder Scrolls Online, Ascending Tides is the first new DLC piece for the 2022 Legacy of the Bretons storyline. 

Rolling out to an Xbox or PlayStation console near you from today, Ascending Tide seems like being the perfect way to set up the events which are promised in the High Isle Chapter. It adds in a couple of new PvE dungeons – Shipwright’s Regret and The Coral Aerie. 

Should you be a The Elder Scrolls Online player and are interested in Ascending Tide then there is more on offer. Players can look forward to the return of several heroes from previous ESO adventures as the new DLC opens with a daring rescue of Jakarn from the mysterious Ascendant Order. From there, partner with Captain Kaleen for a heroic raid of the Coral Aerie, as you go on the lookout for dark forces threatening the Breton people. The Coral Aerie is a beautiful yet treacherous location and promises to be a perfect little tease for what’s to come to TESO later in 2022.  

Players can also discover an abandoned, haunted shipyard known as Shipwright’s Regret. This is said to be the largest fleet in Tamriel’s history, the legendary All Flags Navy is found in wreckage where lurking undead foes now call the ruins home. There will be plenty of new and exciting challenges, secrets, and loot for players to experience in this latest DLC offering. 

You’ll be able to get access to Ascending Tide by heading to the in-game Crown Store. It’s available automagically for ESO Plus players, with the content now present and correct on PC, Mac, Stadia, Xbox and PlayStation. 

If you don’t yet have a copy of The Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox, head to the Xbox Store and get that fixed. It’s available in Game Pass so you’ve got no excuse. 

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