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Thought you were finished building the ultimate city in Cities: Skylines? Think again, as today sees a huge new DLC update arriving across all platforms, and this time we are heading vertical. The Cities: Skylines – Airports expansion is now available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

There are also several new smaller additions but more on those shortly.

The Airports expansion brings a much-requested addition to the already bustling Cities: Skylines repertoire. And as is customary, it goes deeper than you could imagine. Connecting effortlessly to the public transport systems found in the Mass Transit and Sunset Harbor DLCs, your shiny new airport can provide further travel links to the denizens of your cities.

You don’t just dump a pre-fabricated airport design into your world however, these modular designs can be as big or small as you desire. Just leave some room for progression as you watch your city flourish even further.

Airports aren’t just for human travel though. You can also allow full use of your airport for cargo travel to bring in new goods for your residents.

The teams at Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order are excited to give fans an all-new transportation option to integrate into their designs,” said Magnus Lysell, Cities: Skylines Product Manager at Paradox Interactive. “Fans have long been requesting the possibility to integrate airports into their cities, and we can’t wait to see the things our community delivers with these new tools.”

Features include:

  • Your City, Your Airport – With multiple terminals, airplane types, and buildings, you get to set up your airport to match your city.
  • Completely Connected – As your airport connects you to the world, this expansion connects to already existing systems like tourism, industry and public transportation.
  • Big Picture Management – Handle ticket prices, gates and concourse networks. As you expand and passengers increase, your management skills are tested. Can you make your airport tic like clockwork?
  • Get Up Close – Bring your finest brush for the detail work.
  • Set up your city’s custom airline – from ticket prices to logo design.
  • Level up! – Let your new district grow and touch the clouds. Can you reach the highest level?

However, that isn’t all that is available today. As well as the big Airport expansion, Cities: Skylines also drops two new Content Creator packs and two new radio stations. The Content Creator Map Pack created by Sanctum Gamer brings eight new terrain maps featuring varied and unique landscapes. The Vehicles of the World Content Creator Pack created by bsquicklehausen has 21 new vehicle assets from all over the globe including a Police Supercar and more. Both of these can be found on the Xbox Store priced at £3.99.

The two new radio stations are called Calm the Mind Radio and On Air Radio. Both are priced at £2.89 on the Xbox store. Now, Cities: Skylines is a pretty relaxing game at the best of times but Calm the Mind Radio is promising yet more chill vibes. On Air Radio though is for the cool cats and kittens out there, bringing some much-needed jazz beats to the sim builder.

The big addition remains the Airports expansion, and this can be found on the Xbox Store for £10.29. We will have a review of our maiden flight coming soon so stay tuned. For now, let us know in the comments what you think will be next for Cities: Skylines. Space travel? That’s my guess.

DLC Description:

The sky is the limit. From a budding airfield to a global transportation hub, this expansion lets you reimagine your airport with a wide variety of new assets. This expansion comes with a wide variety of new assets, from terminals to custom airlines, and the systems connect with existing features like tourism, industry and public transport. Big picture: Start planning! Ticket prices, gates and concourse networks – test your management skills to reach the highest level. Small detail: Get designing! From modular buildings to your own airline – customize up close to bring your own style Your city starts, at the airport.

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