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The Stumble Guys stumble onto Xbox for free

stumble guys
The Stumble Guys come out fighting on Xbox

Bored of the Fall Guys? Good, because the Stumble Guys are running riot – and they are doing it by stumbling onto Xbox. For free.

Over the last few years, there’s been a bit of a battle royale going on. In one corner we’ve had the Fall Guys, bringing fun and games to the masses. In the other, Stumble Guys, stumbling around (obviously), like there is no tomorrow. But now it’s time for the head-to-head battle of the titans, as Stumble Guys launches on Xbox. 

Stumble Guys on Xbox

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Stumble Guys is the latest obstacle-course based Battle Royale that you – probably – need in your life. A game perfect for the solo player looking to take it to the world, or a group of friends hoping to grab bragging rights. And the best thing about it aside from the madcap gameplay, the briliantly designed levels, the utter chaos and the sheer amount of customisation? Well, it’s free to download on Xbox, innit.

If you’ve ever played Fall Guys – or Stumble Guys elsewhere – then you will know what to expect here. It drops you into a series of mini-courses, left to go up against multiple others, proving yourself as the Stumble Guys champion of the world. Or at least something like that. 

Thirty-two folk kick off a game of Stumble Guys, as the group is whittled down over the course of multiple rounds. The one Stumbler left standing (standing? do they ever, stand!?) at the end, will be crowned champ. From there, in-game currencies, Battle Pass progressions and more will be gifted. 

Hugely addicitve and full of tons of differing courses, if you have previously found fun in Fall Guys, we’re here to confirm that Stumble Guys is up for the battle. We’ve been hands-on already – full review coming soon – and found Stumble Guys on Xbox to be a whole load of fun. Yes it’s mad. But it’s fun. Lots of fun.

Game Features Include

  • DODGE OBSTACLES AND BATTLE YOUR OPPONENTS – Run, stumble and fall against up to 32 players and battle through knockout rounds of races, survival elimination, and team play in different maps, levels and game modes. Survive the fun multiplayer chaos and cross the finish line before your friends to qualify for the next round, earning fun rewards and stars as you continue to play and win in Stumble Guys!
  • PLAY WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY – Create your own multiplayer party and play against friends and family. Find out who runs the fastest, battles with the best skills and survives the chaos!
  • UNLOCK AND UPGRADE YOUR GAMEPLAY – Personalize and customize your chosen Stumbler with special emotes, animations, and footsteps. Show off your unique style and personality as you stumble your way to victory.
  • STUMBLE PASS – Fresh Stumble Pass every month with new content customizations and other rewards!
  • EXPLORE THE WORLD OF STUMBLE GUYS – Explore the world of Stumble Guys with over 30 maps, levels and game modes that offer even more ways to play, and experience the fastest multiplayer knockout battle royale. Join the party and get ready to stumble, fall and win your way to victory.

Join the Stumble Guys on Xbox now

The best way of getting access to Stumble Guys on Xbox is to hit up the Xbox Store and pay the £4.19 required for the Stumble Bundle. From there, you’ll get playing on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It includes the Special Stumbler Starter Pack which adds in the Special Stumbler Sei Taishogen, a Slime Footstep and 1600 Gems. 

Alternatively, just download the game for free and enjoy everything it has to offer. 

Stay tuned for our review of Stumble Guys on Xbox soon. 

Stumble Guys on Xbox Game Description

Join millions of players and stumble to victory in this fun multiplayer knockout battle royale! Are you ready to enter the running chaos? Running, stumbling, falling, jumping, and winning has never been so fun!

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