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Anyone that played Fallout will be familiar with VaultTec. The seemingly saviours of the universe with their underground fallout shelters that were in fact used for a variety of human experimentation. Well, Time Rift, out today on Xbox introduces us to VaultCo, who may or may not be just as untrustworthy.

In Time Rift, you have just taken on a new role at VaultCo to try and hack their systems. They pride themselves on their security, but if you hack through, they know that there is still work to be done. Hacking involves piloting through the servers and testing your reflexes. At one end of the screen is a deadzone, and you will need to change the direction this is facing in order to progress through the levels. It is fast-paced and deadly, one wrong move could spell disaster.

Thankfully then, you can also rewind time to erase your mistakes. Time Rift also features:

  • Unique, fast-paced action-puzzle gameplay that’s a pleasure to master
  • Beat the roving firewall system: a deadly, auto-scrolling bar which can chase you from any direction
  • Master bombs, gates and nodes to execute perfect runs
  • Rewind time to avoid traps and grab that last collectible
  • Flexible difficulty: use slow down mode to assist with difficult tricks, or stop everything
  • Uncover the secrets of VaultCo in an engaging story of corporate sabotage!

Can you move through the servers and uncover the truth behind VaultCo?

You could wait for our review of Time Rift to find out. Or, you can download Time Rift today from the Xbox Store, priced at £8.39. There is an introductory discount also, dropping the price down to £6.71 for a short period. Let us know in the comments below if you are picking this puzzle game up.

Game description

Thank you for entering the VaultCo Asset Storage Solutions testing portal. At VaultCo, we believe the best security testing is done by the world’s best hackers – like you! We pride ourselves on having the fastest, most efficient crypto storage technology in the world. We take intrusion prevention very seriously. That’s why we offer our security testing contractors crypto units in payment, on top of your fee. You will be assessing the vulnerabilities of our system through a series of tests. Please proceed to the next server access point. Are you there? Hello? Look: you’re an elite hacker, right? We’re worried about our team. People haven’t been getting paid, and more importantly they’re acting really weirdly. It’s almost certainly down to VaultCo, and we know there are encrypted files that can prove it. If anyone can help us reach them, it’s you.

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Jane Harper
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Paul Renshaw
Paul Renshaw
Reply to  Jane Harper
9 months ago

Wow thats great Jane, please tell us more about how this relates to the game if you could?