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Top 5 early game weapons in Elden Ring


Elden Ring
What are the best weapons in Elden Ring?

One of the most difficult things about starting Elden Ring is deciding what kind of build you want your character to head towards. Whether you want to use greatswords or Incantations, sorceries or rapiers, the fact is that to get many of the weapons and stats required for the playthrough you want, you’ll have to pass through the initial area that is Limgrave.

But there’s no need to worry, as Limgrave has many weapons available for you to use, many of which you’ll want to continue using for the entirety of your playthrough.

The weapons on this list – some of the top early weapons you’ll find in Elden Ring – will all be located in Limgrave and don’t require you to beat a boss. 

5. Dragon Communion Seal 

The Dragon Communion Seal is an incredibly powerful Seal that you can get in the early game from just before the first steps. It has the passive effect of boosting dragon incantations and scaling your incantations with arcane. 

However, despite it being found so early in Elden Ring the amount of effort to get this item makes it not worth getting until you’re stronger. You will need two stonesword keys, as well as getting through a dungeon; a dungeon in which any moment could see your death with many giant chariots moving up and down the path.. 

If you feel up to the challenge then go ahead, the Dragon Communion Seal is probably the best weapon a faith/arcane user can get in Limgrave. It’s just super difficult, which is why it’s the lowest on the list. 

4. Great Épée

This heavy thrusting sword can be acquired from the east of the “Agheel Lake South” grace in a chest next to two Kaiden Sellswords. 

Apart from looking super cool, this weapon is one of four heavy thrusting swords in the entire game. With a requirement of 15 strength and 16 dex, this weapon is considered to be better for spellcasters than the commonly chosen rapier, due to the extended reach and significantly higher damage to enemy poise. 

If you are looking for an incredibly stylish weapon and unique playstyle then the Great Épée is for you. 

3. Uchigatana

The Uchigatana is a Katana that the samurai class gains as a default weapon. But it can be gathered pretty easily from the dungeon “Deathtouched Catacombs”. 

It is one of the most favoured weapons in the game, and has the bleed buildup effect. The reason this weapon is number three on this list is because, whilst generally it has longer reach than that in position two, it isn’t quite as fast as it and the ash of war isn’t as good. 

However, this is still an incredible weapon to have at the start of your Elden Ring run and is a must have for any samurai enthusiasts. 

2. Reduvia

The Reduvia is a dagger located up the “ravine in the Agheel Lake” where you are required to defeat the NPC invader “Bloody Finger Nerijuss”. 

The Reduvia doesn’t do a ton of physical damage, but where it shines is in its bleed buildup effect and the speed at which it can attack to build this metre up. 

Additionally the weapon art for the Reduvia is a blood projectile which makes up for the lack of range this weapon would normally have. If you’re playing co-op with some friends then it is heavily recommended to try to get two of these weapons so you are able to power stance. Do so and you will probably have the strongest bleed build available in the early game. 

1. Clayman’s Harpoon

The Clayman’s Harpoon is a spear that you can get relatively early in Elden Ring, found from the beginning of the “Siofra River Well” in Limgrave. 

With a 12 strength and intelligence requirement and a 10 dexterity requirement, this is one of the easiest weapons to use from the beginning of your playthrough. 

But the main reason this weapon takes the top spot in this list is due to the fact that this is the only weapon in the entire game that deals innate magic damage whilst also being able to change the ash of war and infuse it with grease and armament spells. That makes the Clayman’s Harpoon viable for absolutely any build as you can adjust it for whatever stat you’d like. 

For a pure intelligence/faith build this is an absolute must as a melee weapon as it will get incredibly strong with armament spells with next to no level commitment needed in any of the melee stats. 

There are all manner of weapons found in Elden Ring, and we could easily have included the likes of the TwinBlade (you’ll grab this from the Dragon-Burnt Ruins) or the Bloodhound Fang (great, but you’ll technically need to beat a boss to get it). But we’ve plumped for these five as some of the best early weapons to utilise in Elden Ring. 

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. 

And remember, you can grab a copy of Elden Ring on Xbox via the Xbox Store. It’s also on PlayStation and PC. 

Keegan Bourke
Keegan Bourke
Been a gamer all my life, currently using Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PC and Meta Quest 2.
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