Forget the EURO’s for a moment, there are some easy Xbox achievements to be had. Football might not be to everyone’s liking, but you know what is? Cheap, easy Gamerscore. It’s true! And here are some of the easiest Achievements that you may have missed from the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S games which have released or dropped onto Game Pass in the month of June 2021. There’s even a sneaky Xbox 360 title in this month’s list.

Is football coming home? Not as quickly as it takes to unlock these cheevos.

Fallout 3 – 10G – Vault 101 Citizenship Award

Fallout 3

We are starting this month’s list with an absolute classic achievement from a classic game. Announced as part of the Xbox/Bethesda E3 conference was a boatload more Bethesda titles coming to Xbox Game Pass, and few can argue with the cultural impact Fallout 3 has had on the gaming world.

The introduction to Fallout 3 is also one of the finest openings to a videogame ever, and not just because you can unlock three achievements before you even leave Vault 101. We are concentrating on the very first one though, a rite of passage for any Vault Dweller.

During your created character’s 10th birthday, the Overseer of Vault 101 will visit you and give you the gift of a Pip-Boy 3000. This comes with the downside of the news that you are now old enough to start performing chores around the vault, but the 10G helps swallow that bitter pill.

Anyways, it isn’t long before you end up leaving the vault. And before anyone shouts “Spoilers!” in the comments, Fallout 3 is nearly 13 years old!

Mixups by POWGI – 2 for 100G – Eye Think You Did It and Sir Cumference

Mixups by POWGI

As we have said before, any month where a word puzzle title from Lightwood Games releases on Xbox, it’s a shoo-in for our easy achievements list. And here it is.

Any of Mixups by POWGI’s 32 achievements could appear on this list, as they are all identical in terms of what you need to do. However, we’ve picked the final one on the list as it is the one packing the biggest Gamerscore.

Mixups by POWGI is a word game where you need to find three related words in a larger pool of jumbled up letters. Basically, three anagrams grouped together. The theme for this bunch of words is ‘Facial Features’ and the words you need to find are:


Fill those words in on the left-hand side and you’ll earn 70G.

What’s that? You want another one? Okay, the first achievement in Mixups by POWGI on Xbox is called Sir Cumference and the theme for that is ‘Shapes’. The words you need for that 30G achievement are:


Now go and figure out the rest for yourself!

Wingspan – 10G – Early Bird Gets the Worm

Wingspan Game

Next up is a relaxing card game that is centred around the feathery fliers we share the world with. They’re also known as birds.

Now, here we have a proper solution for an achievement as opposed to just complete X level or finish the tutorial. For note though, Wingspan does have a tutorial, and an achievement associated with it.

Instead though, we are focussing on a quick way to unlock an achievement that otherwise may require a bit of luck. Start a custom game in Wingspan and ensure that you start first against your opponent. Now simply play a card of a bird that eats worms. No skill required!

If this is your first game of Wingspan on Xbox though, you might as well finish it off as doing so will unlock another 10G for By the Pricking of My Thumbs.

Off and On Again – 40G – Tutorial Complete

On and Off Again

If the last solution felt too much of an actual guide in terms of the usual guidance in these easy achievement articles, then we’re back to our usual BS with this latest one.

For a start, the achievement is even called ‘Tutorial Complete’. Wonder what you have to do here?

In Off and On Again, you are trapped in a 2D puzzle platformer computer programme that is dying. In order to save it, you must turn it “Off and On Again” to restart time and save the world. There are numerous obstacles and traps to avoid, so a tutorial will likely come in handy. That it also comes with a 40G achievement attached to it is a bonus; simply complete it and the achievement is yours.

Alphadia Genesis 2 – 10G – Bad Premonition

Alphadia Genesis 2

And just to confirm that we 100% going back on our old ways, here is an achievement from the latest KEMCO title known as Alphadia Genesis 2.

You may actually remember the previous Alphadia Genesis game making our July 2020 easy achievements list for a 10G achievement for literally watching the opening cutscene. And Bad Premonition is no different here – simply watch the opening to Alphadia Genesis 2 and unlock another 10G.

Peepaw’s Farm – 2 for 150G – The Farmer’s Market and Accessorize

Peepaw's Farm

Our penultimate game is one that can be completed within five minutes if you plan out your routine accordingly. But speedruns can be stressful, and that’s not what we are about here. Instead, we have two achievements that require very little effort.

In Peepaw’s Farm you have to prepare your truck for the market by loading up all your wares to sell. Peepaw is a grumpy old so and so however, reluctant to do any work on his own farm. He also needs to know what exactly he needs to pack up, and that’s where we join him for some good old-fashioned achievement hunting.

Upon starting the game, walk off your porch and head to Peepaw’s left to talk to Charlotte. An instant 50G will be awarded when she tells you what you need to pack. Ignore that, and instead walk down through the corn field and head around to the right. You will see a hat that you can pick up and wear for another 100G. Then I suppose you could do your tasks, but you’re Peepaw remember; he hasn’t got time for menial tasks.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – 10G – Déjà vu

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Our final achievement this month comes from another game that dropped into Xbox Game Pass during the recent E3 briefing; the quite brilliant Wolfenstein II.

It’s another achievement that can be unlocked during the initial cutscene but one in which you need to make a tough decision. Players of the first game will likely know which decision we are referring to based on the achievement title called ‘Déjà vu’.

Sadly, this decision doesn’t get any easier second time around. Even with a 10G Gamerscore boost. If it was 100G then maybe we’d be on board but still, beggars can’t be choosers.

And that’s your lot for this month! Do you enjoy these lists and use the info we provide to boost your Gamerscore count? Why not check out some of the others – here are May 2020, September 2020 and January 2021 for example – and let us know which point givers you grab by posting in the comments below. See you next month for some more super easy Xbox achievements! 

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