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What are the Easiest Achievements from the Xbox One Games Released in July 2020?


Ahh, July 2020: A month in which the pubs re-opened in the UK, and the amazing happened. That’s right, Leeds United were crowned champions of the Championship and after 16 arduous years are back in the Premier League! I for one look forward to next season and facing the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea; even the lesser teams like Southampton and Manchester United…

But for those not interested in football or an ice-cold pint in a beer garden, we’ve got you sorted – you’ve come here for Gamerscore, right? Once again, we’ve got you covered with some of the easiest achievements to pick up from the multitude of games released on Xbox One in the month of July 2020.

Superliminal – 50G – Vaguely Activated Achievement

superliminal xbox one

Let’s start this month’s list with perhaps the easiest achievement on it.

Superliminal is a brilliant puzzle game that toys with your perception as much as you toy with theirs. After falling asleep in front of the TV, your dreams are suddenly filled with objects that need to have their size altered through changing your perspective on them. Played from a first-person perspective, if you need to make a cube bigger, hold it closer to your eyes, and vice-versa for smaller objects.

For this achievement though, there are reportedly multiple ways to unlock it; hence the name ‘Vaguely Activated Achievement’. The easiest method though is by picking up any of the in-game objects, and just hold it. You don’t need to do anything with it, just ensure you don’t drop it and after about five minutes you are 50G richer. 

Other methods may or may not involve plucking the moon out of the sky and putting it in a lift but without the above context or indeed, playing the game itself, that might sound like I’ve completely lost the plot.

The Great Perhaps – 150G – I Miss You

the great perhaps pic

A biggy to kick off the month and now we have a 150G whopper, the biggest single achievement on the list for July!

The Great Perhaps is a time-travelling puzzle game that deals with loss and loneliness, but also hope. As an astronaut returning to an Earth ravaged by natural cataclysms you happen upon a mysterious looking lantern that offers glimpses to the past. Can you rebuild the world as it was before you left it?

As you can tell from that description and the title of the achievement, a box of tissues could be necessary. Or does the bleep bloop of 150G help to sweeten the melancholy? This can be unlocked at the very beginning after walking through the house, you will see a teddy bear perched on a gravestone. Sad times. Press A on it eight times though and you’ll unlock the achievement. Good times.

Jisei: The First Case HD – 2 for 180G – Playing It Close and No Patience for Fools

Jisei The First Case HD 1

Another month and another Ratalaika Game to satiate our Gamerscore cravings. And this one is a doubler with each achievement worth 90G each.

Jisei: The First Case HD is a visual novel and many of the achievements are for selecting specific responses. Being a Ratalaika Game, the majority of the achievements are ridiculously easy but the two mentioned are the first two you are able to unlock.

Start the game, and by holding down RB you can fast forward through all the text if you are purely going for achievements. Or read it and get yourself engrossed in the story; the choice is yours. The first option you have to unlock an achievement is when speaking to Detective Gurski where he is trying to find out information about a particular death. You think there is something suspicious, but it is too early to speak out you feel. By then choosing the option “Not really…” and withhold information, you unlock the achievement Playing It Close.

Then, not long after you are chatting to another character, Miss Bergstrom, and it isn’t long again before you are faced with another choice of what to say: “You ARE a fool!” or “If you just thought about it, you wouldn’t like that.” Choose the first option and you are awarded another 90G.

In fact, regarding this second conversation choice, it doesn’t make a difference which option you pick, as choosing the second option also unlocks an achievement for another 30G! Utilise the manual save system and save yourself some backtracking to earn both achievements as quick as possible.

Lanternium – 72G – Funny Device

lanternium review xbox one 3

Anyone else (rightly) hate oddly numbered achievements? By that I mean ones that don’t end in a 5 or 0?

If so, then I am sorry to bring this one to your attention, but it’s another super easy one. Lanternium is a family-friendly puzzle game where you control a racoon that holds a lantern and travel through colourful labyrinths. The lantern in your possession allows you to pass through coloured blocks by interacting with it to change the colour of the lantern. Changing the colour is done by pressing the LT or RT button.

This particular achievement is for interacting with it 72 times – as in changing the colour of the lantern. Why 72? I haven’t a clue. There is also a second achievement for interacting with it 150 times and that offers, you guessed it, 150G. But 150 trigger presses is something us mere mortals can only dream of; far too difficult.

If anyone is interested, the corresponding 8G achievement for this one is for finding and picking up a singular firefly. That also has a secondary achievement for picking up 72 fireflies that offers, you guessed it, 100G? I cant explain that one either.



Remember at the start I said that Superliminal had the easiest achievement of the month? Well, I didn’t actually take into account that requires you to do something in the game, like picking up an item and holding it for a period of time. That is a difficulty factor far beyond this next achievement.

SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE is the sequel/spinoff to the critically acclaimed Superhot, but according to our review now with roguelite elements thrown in.

Here is my in-depth achievement guide for MORE:

  • Start Game
  • Achievement pops
  • 100G
  • You’re welcome
  • You’re still here?
  • It’s over
  • Go home
  • Go!

Alphadia Genesis – 10G -Tournament Winner

Alphadia Genesis 1

We’ve been very generous this month with some huge numbers, but here is a slightly smaller one that requires just as little effort.

Alphadia Genesis is the latest game from KEMCO to appear on Xbox, who have spent the last few years porting their older JRPGs to the console. After a few months with no releases, they have returned with Alphadia Genesis. In our review however, it was not ranked as their greatest port.

For the achievement though, it is as simple as watching the opening cinematic for a 10G achievement. Not a mighty gain in comparison with others on the list but for those looking for an easy 10G to perhaps hit a specific Gamerscore milestone (eg. 50000 or 100000), there aren’t many easier than this one.

REZ PLZ – 3 for 120G – Live, Die, Repeat, Getting Rent and More Deaths Than Sekiro

rez plz xbox

Our final easy achievement for this month is a juicy tripler.

REZ PLZ is a 2D platformer where you control two wizarding brothers through a variety of worlds and levels to rid the world of evil. All fairly standard stuff. Having two playable characters though means that you can sacrifice one of them so the other can survive. That could be by offering one brother up as a platform to jump or casting elemental magic on them to change their state.

And because death is such as huge part of REZ PLZ, they award achievements for the number of times you died. Isn’t that nice of them? Hit milestones of 25, 50 and 100 deaths and you will be awarded with 40G each time for a total of 120G when hitting that 100th death. Or ‘sacrifice’ if you aren’t willing to admit all those deaths were on purpose.

And so that’s it for the easiest achievements to grab from the most recent Xbox One games for this month. Follow everything in this guide and you’ll have nearly 700G added to your Gamerscore account, and there are some ridiculously easy ones this month! Any that you think we missed out that are even easier? As always, let us know in the comments below.

Richard Dobson
Richard Dobson
Avid gamer since the days of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Grew up with the PS1 and PS2 but changed allegiances in 2007 with the release of Halo 3.
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