Wild West Crops Xbox

Next up in what feels like a random game generator is Wild West Crops, out today on Xbox and PlayStation. Random, because the Wild West isn’t best known for mutated vegetables hellbent on trying to kill an anthropomorphic cat. Yet here we are.

The cat in question is El Gatito, a resident of the aptly named Meowtown. What has caused the mutated veg to rise up is unknown, but El Gatito isn’t happy about it. Could it have something to do with the radioactive meteor that fell from the sky? It’s a safe bet.

Wild West Crops also features:

  • Visit different scenarios during the Old West
  • Colorful 8-bit style graphics
  • Vibrant Western-style music
  • Different special items with helpful abilities
  • Epic boss battles

Eagle-eyed achievement hunters will likely recognise the art style and colour palette of Wild West Crops. This is the latest title from lightUP – and once again ported by Ratalaika Games – of who are responsible for Mina & Michi, Mages and Treasure and many more. You can be sure that also means another easy 1000G to add to your Gamerscore balance.

Wild West Crops is a metroidvania that vegans might want to avoid. There will be plenty of vegetables being destroyed as El Gatito looks to save his town. But remember, they attacked first.

Available to download right now, Wild West Crops is priced at £4.99 on the Xbox Store. Those with a real hankering for shooting up some veg can get a discount dropping the price down to £3.99 for a brief period. When we find a suitable carnivore with a particular dislike for green foods, we will have our review. Stay tuned.

Game description

Wild West Crops is a retro-style mini metroidvania game that tells the story of El Gatito, a cool cat who fights against mutant crops to save Meowtown. It was a peaceful night, like any other in Meowtown, suddenly a giant radioactive meteor fell on the city’s plantations turning the crops into mutants who wanted to destroy everything around them. Now, it’s up to El Gatito to rescue the city from this terrible vegetable menace! Playing as El Gatito, you will travel through numerous locations during the Old West period, searching for powerful items to help you defeat your foes.

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