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Fixed camera angles are the perfect fit for horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill; they make you see what the developers want you to see, meaning that you don’t miss the jumps and the scares. Yet, as time has passed, this method has almost been left behind. But not quite just yet: Boreal Tenebrae is out now on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

A strange happening has occurred in town, where strange boxes have appeared seemingly at random. Anyone that enters these hypnotic cuboids then suddenly disappears without a trace. Sarah is one of those to suffer that fate, and it is upto you to find her.

You play as multiple characters as you try and unravel the mystery of not just Sarah and the boxes, but the dark secrets of Boreal Tenebrae too.

To celebrate the release, the team at RedDeerGames have released a 360° trailer for you to start your secret searching a bit earlier:

Boreal Tenebrae also features:

  • Classic retro-style adventure
  • Horror elements and gore
  • Story-driven quests with multiple characters
  • Fixed-camera

The original PlayStation style visuals and atmosphere lend themselves well to a creepy and haunting journey through Boreal Tenebrae. Our review will have further details of this soon.

Following a string of nominations at the Canadian Game Awards, Boreal Tenebrae comes to the Xbox Store priced at £5.79. There is an introductory discount dropping the price down to £4.63 for those picking it up early. For everyone else, let us know in the comments what you think.

Game description

SOLVE THE MYSTERY You play as multiple characters, each with their own story, and travel to actual locations in town and dark versions of them. In this nightmare, you have to solve the murder, search for your missing sister Sarah, and complete the mysterious ritual to save the dying town. Will you be able to unravel all the dark secrets of Boreal Tenebrae? SEARCH FOR SARAH Explore a diseased town where everything is unusual. Strange boxes that emit hypnotic static appeared in town. Some citizens, including Sarah, have been absorbed by this mysterious object and never come back. Boreal Tenebrae was nominated for Best Art Direction and Best Narrative at the Canadian Game Awards 2021.

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