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Sometimes the most simple of things are the best and in theHunter: Call of the Wild, going back to basics is most certainly the way forward. And it is that vibe we are seeing today with the latest DLC pack for theHunter: Call of the Wild as we get given the opportunity to deploy some cunning new hunting techniques with the Treestand & Tripod Pack.

Available to purchase right now, adding into your game with ease, is the theHunter: Call of the Wild Treestand & Tripod Pack. Priced up at just £2.79, this does very much as you would expect, as the wardens give you the opportunity to create the perfect ambush.

Created thanks to the newly added Deployable Treestand and Deployable Tripod Stands, your footprint on the environment will be hugely reduced, allowing for the stealth approach to be undertaken and for you to bide your time as you line up that perfect shot. With the Treestand placed at an appropriate height on any nearby tree, it’ll offer you the most optimum spot for carrying out the hunt, letting you sit back, relax and get ready for the moment.

thehunter tripod

The Tripod does pretty much the same, but is perfect for those times when there isn’t a suitable tree in sight, getting you off the ground and able to spot your prey from a much greater distance, offering a full 360 degree rotation capability.

You won’t need to worry about not blending in either as both the Treestand and the Tripod come in a variety of colours – Conifer, Timber and Arctic.

You will obviously need to have the base game of theHunter: Call of the Wild to hand in order to make the most of these latest additions, but seeing as it is one of the very best games of recent years, and has recently had a bit of a 2019 upgrade, anyone interested in the hunt will no doubt already be well equipped. Once it is in place then a trip to your local digital store will do the rest – the Xbox Store gets our vote.

DLC Description:

Our wardens have just received some heavy looking boxes containing exciting new hunting equipment. With this new pack, you will be able to create the perfect ambush using the Deployable Treestand and Deployable Tripod Stands. Through their more stealth-like approach to hunting, your impact on the environment will be reduced, ensuring that your hunting pressure is lowered. So pack your bags hunter, the wild beckons! Deployable Treestand: The staple of a patient hunter, the Deployable Treestand allows you to bide your time until the perfect opportunity to catch the animal unaware. Check your environment for a fitting tree for your ambush, place your stand at an appropriate height and climb up to your new perch. You can also easily adjust and replace it if you are unhappy with your initial placement. Once you’ve ready, sit back, relax and watch as you’re giving the opportunity to take that perfect shot. Additionally, it reduces your impact on your surroundings, reducing the hunting pressure significantly. Variations: The Deployable Treestand comes in three colour variations – Conifer, Timber and Arctic. Deployable Tripod Stands: With a 360° rotation capability, the Deployable Tripod Stand allows you a better vantage point even when there are no trees around. The Tripod Stand is an excellent way to gain an overview of your surroundings and allows you to spot animals from a much greater distance. On top of that, they will keep you concealed, are lightweight and easy to deploy and lowers your hunting pressure on your environment. Variations: Much like the Treestand, the Deployable Tripod Stands come in three variations – Conifer, Timber and Arctic.


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