The Beastie Boys once told us about other dimensions and intergalactic planets, but today there is only one intergalactic thought on our minds – Last Encounter!

Coming from Exordium Games, the roguelike twin-stick shooter will hit Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC in Q2 2018. Before that however, it will be playable for the first time in North America at PAX South in PAX Rising.

Set in the distant future where all hope is seemingly lost, a set of procedurally generated galaxies will play host to a fight between mankind and a techonologically superior alien race. With extensive weapon customization at its core, Last Encounter will see us traversing vibrant unexplored galaxies as we fight for the survival of humanity, upgrading ships and utilising a component based weapon system in order to survive.

And by joining forces with friends, you’ll get the chance to design your dream weapon by combining different bullet types, firing patterns and more, as you attempt to end the alien onslaught. You see, players will be able to bring up to three friends for cooperative annihilation. Together, they’ll take down challenging enemies and bosses in engaging, fast-paced couch co-op.

“Last Encounter offers a cooperative roguelike experience that encourages strategizing and working together, but players who want to tackle the challenge alone are not at a disadvantage,” said Andrej Kovacevic, Game Director, Exordium Games. “The component-based weapon system allows players to adapt their weapons and ships to maximize their chances for success in every situation, be it single or multiplayer.”

If you’re attending PAX South, then you’ll find Last Encounter as part of PAX Rising at booth 10657. It looks like it could be a serious twin stick player!