Giddy up, there’s a brand new horse racing game sprinting to the Xbox One today and it’s called Horse Racing 2016. Are you eager to ride to glory?

Horse Racing 2016 attempts to bring the entertainment of real horse racing championships to the gaming world. Head out onto six different tracks and a number of events to partake in, with six unique horses to choose from, each with their own abilities – although at this point we cannot confirm if any of them can fly or turn invisible. Grab a few friends for local multiplayer, or go it alone across the ten seasons available.

If you’re having difficulty deciding whether to purchase Horse Racing 2016 for the rather large price tag of £23.99 from the Xbox Games Store, then give the free trial a go first.

Game Description:

Horse Racing 2016 is most Fabulous and Entertaining Game for Everyone. If you want to feel real horse racing championship, show your desire and courage to play this game. This Game Uniqueness makes you play this game for hours, you will love to play this game again and again. Features – 6 Horses with 6 Jockeys to race with. – Each Horse has its unique abilities. – 6 Different tracks. – 10 Seasons + Season Finale. – 55 Events to Play. – Different climatic conditions and Day & Night Races. – 5 Different race types : Time Trial, Normal, Straight, Hurdles, Free Rider – 4 Players Offline Split screen Multiplayer – Intuitive controls and Easy UI. Get Ready for Real Action, Real Adventure, Real Horse Racing Championship………


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