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Dark Souls not tough enough for ya? Get ready to try and kick some ass in Animus – Stand Alone on Xbox One.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Animus – Stand Alone comes from the development team at Tenbirds, moving away from the mobile scene to deliver some frantic boss battling and action RPG goodies to console.

Priced up at £8.39, Animus – Stand Alone sees you stepping into the boots of an anonymous warrior as you head off on a journey which will ultimate see the end of a broken world. Running as an action RPG affair, Animus sees you partaking in numerous boss battles and quick fire stages which, on the face of it, look to put those Dark Souls skills you’ve previously learnt to the ultimate test.

Working with precision, timing, various combinations of attacks, and a range of different skills and attributes, you may just find it within yourself to be able to overcome the foes ahead, no matter which of the 4 difficulty levels and 24 main quests you decide to take in. Drop in a load of sidequests and the opportunity to mess around with the odd skill tree or five and those gamers out there in need of a test really should look no further than Tenbirds’ Animus – Stand Alone.

Features of Animus – Stand Alone include:

  • Fantasy Action RPG
  • Difficulty: 4 levels (Day 1 to Day 4)
  • End boss: 3 (+1 additional in Day 3)
  • Area themes: 4
  • Quests: 24 main quests per Day
  • Sidequests: 13 to 17 sidequests for farming
  • Progression: Quests, skill tree, equipment drop, reinforcement
  • Strategy/Tactics: Collect, combine, and balance equipment suited to the map or enemy.

To get in on the action you just need to head to the Xbox Store and splash out the asking price. Let us know on the usual social channels and down in the comments if you decide to give this test of skills a go. And make sure you keep an eye out for our review too.

Game Description:

Take on the role of an anonymous warrior — caught out of place and time — on a journey to bring an end to a broken world. Gather your weapons and choose with care: distance, timing, combinations, stamina, and attributes will determine the outcome of battle. Animus: Stand Alone is an Action RPG comprised of quick stages and compact boss battles. SA is a companion piece to the world and lore of Ire: Blood Memory. You may be new to this fractured world, but foreknowledge of Ire is nonessential. We hope that all fans of ARPGs can find enjoyment in this game.


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