If you miss the wonderful world of the Internet chat room then you may well be interested to hear that Stay is now available on Xbox One. Why? Well, the entire premise revolves around the glory days of the internet’s finest.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Stay delivers an experience in which your choices, and in fact your timekeeping, may just single handedly save Quinn – a man in dire near of your help.

But in Stay, you’ll find that the clock never stops, so once that download is in, and once you’ve first set hands on the chat room you find yourself and Quinn in, you may never be able to leave. See, even when you aren’t in-game, the clock keeps ticking and this means that Quinn is left to fend for himself. Dare you leave him alone for a minute? An hour? A day?

Within Stay you’ll find no less than 24 chapters of an interactive narrative that comes complete with 7 various endings, tons of death scenarios and an entire web of conversation. It’ll be up to you to trawl the hidden secrets as you play through Stay multiple times in order to find the truth behind Quinn’s problems.

If a mind-bending puzzler is to your liking, or you just wish to wander casually back into the darkest depths of the chat room, then you can grab Stay right now from the Microsoft Store. A £9.59 price tag is usually in place however for the next week or so you’ll get yourself a nifty little discount on that.

Are you tempted? Let us know in the comments below.

Game Description:

When Quinn wakes up alone in a locked room with nothing of note save for a computer hooked up to an internet chat room in which you’re present, you become his single ray of hope. Your choices – and your timeliness – will single-handedly shape his escape efforts… or lead him down the path to an untimely end. The Clock Never Stops STAY plays out in real-time, meaning that every minute spent away from the game is a minute Quinn is left alone. Drop out of conversations or leave Quinn to fend for himself for too long and there may be consequences. Raise Your Empathy Quinn is on edge, and so every response matters. Prove yourself a compassionate ally and he’ll learn to trust you and share his findings and deepest thoughts. Fail, and his emotions may work against you. Interactive Storytelling Featuring 24 chapters, seven different endings, dozens of potential deaths and entire webs of conversation, STAY is designed to be replayed multiple times. Explore different rooms and unearth hidden secrets in subsequent playthroughs to piece together the full story. Uncover The Truth Webcams enable you to spy on Quinn, letting you see both his reactions to your comments and his actions while AFK. Pick up on his lies and use that knowledge to your advantage. Solve Mind-bending Puzzles Help Quinn get the better of the conundrums he encounters inside his prison by taking direct control of his actions during puzzle sections.


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