Games have been around for so many years now that they are not positioned as superficial, unpretentious entertainment anymore. Now large projects from companies such as Sony and Microsoft have a big impact on the world economy and culture.

In the 21st century, in the light of the continuous development of high technologies, it was the gaming industry that became the vehicle for ideas of creativity and innovation.

A little bit of history

The concept of VR and AR (augmented reality) is not new – the first rather funny VR-helmets appeared in the 60s of the XX century, and elements of augmented reality – in the 90’s. And it’s been 18 years since the premiere of the movie “Matrix” (the real anthem of virtual reality). However, it was only in the second decade of the 21st century that computer power reached a level where it became possible to add the noun “reality” to adjectives “virtual” and “augmented”.

What happens now?

The last few years have become revolutionary for VR (virtual realitytechnology and we can expect even more breakthroughs in the future. Most companies have opened their own independent game development departments using VR. This segment of the market is given special attention. For example, Sony launches the virtual reality helmets PlayStation VR. And the company Oculus specializes in the creation of Oculus Rift – glasses of virtual reality. According to preliminary forecasts, by 2025 the VR market will exceed $ 45 billion. All this points to the great potential of VR within the gaming industry.

Until recently VR was represented by four “brands” – Oculus Rift from Oculus VR, HTC Vive from HTC, Sony PlayStation VR and mobile helmets for smartphones on Android – numerous devices without their own processor and screen, using the screen and computing power of smartphones.

Windows Mixed Reality platform became a part of it on October 17, 2017. Microsoft uses the name Mixed Reality for its VR / AR products. At the moment, Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung have released VR-helmets based on Windows Mixed Reality.

What makes the virtual reality interesting for people is the immersion effect, the thing that is so diligently and painfully sought by the creators of video games, inherently inherent in all VR-games.

The “wow effect” is guaranteed to anyone who will play VR games which were well developed. Emotions from the fact that you literally just got into the future are so overwhelming that users forgive some flaws in the hardware platform and content.

Now, what about us, gamers. Playing VR is not only an amazing experience but also, a way to earn money.

If you are interested, here are some tips:

First of all, buy good equipment, yes, it is very expensive, so save some money but for now, the cheapest one will be okay. Have you seen the one made out of a cardboard?

If you don’t have a VR helmet yet, play other games that will prepare you for the VR experience. Also, it might sound pretty unexpected but playing online casino games is actually very beneficial. Because there you train many skills at once, like your math skills, attentiveness, concentration, focus, and many other. And moreover, you are not only playing an exciting game but also earning money, which you can later spend on the best VR equipment. So, basically, you are killing two birds with one stone.

Play a lot. And we don’t mean just the games, there is a lot of educational material which allows you to really, literally emerge into the topic. Educate yourself and you’ll be able to earn a lot of money using this technology of the future.

What problems does VR face?

First, the high price. A good VR helmet is very expensive. The kit with controllers will cost about $ 400-600, plus you need a good powerful computer or console PlayStation 4.

VR is primarily a game. Compared to other platforms, there are not many of them yet, especially successful ones. Yet for gaming developers, VR is a new universe, and no one has any experience in developing VR games. It takes time to find a new ideology, new gameplay, new game mechanics.

But, no matter what the problems are, VR is literally the future of gaming and developers are not afraid of anything.