With 2017’s biggest games finally upon us, it’s time to now start turning our attentions to the Christmas period. But as recent weeks have provided very little to be excited about within the Deals With Gold offerings, maybe this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale can provide a bargain or two to keep us tied over till the holiday festivities begin? Let’s take a look at the best and worst deals on offer between 14th-20th November 2017.

Grab – Ducati 90th Anniversary – 70% off – £4.80

There may be an unusual amount of bike racing games that have arrived on Xbox One in the past few years, but it’s fair to say that all of them are as equally intense as each other – the opportunity to pick one up for under a fiver is however something you shouldn’t ignore.

Whilst the name may suggest an all Ducati affair, there are plenty of different bikes for enthusiasts to jump in with, and as a plethora of different modes are available to get stuck into, this is by the cheapest way to get a worthwhile adrenaline fuelled racing experience.

GrabInk – 50% off – £4.00

We all love a good platformer don’t we, but what if I was to tell you there was a unique platformer that does away with all the extra bells and whistles, yet still provides players with a challenging and enjoyable experience? Well that’s exactly what you can expect to find with INK, a colourful platformer that requires players to learn from their mistakes whilst finding the perfect path to the end of each level.

It comes with 75 levels to master, three bosses to best and some of the most engaging gameplay seen in a platformer for some time. INK is one game everyone should be getting involved in, and for just £4 it’s easily the bargain of the week. So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a copy.

LeaveVerdun – 50% off – £8.00

FPS games may provide some of the most active player bases on Xbox One, but unfortunately not all of them can offer a fantastic experience. Verdun is one such game and with its poor visuals, constant glitches and some rather boring gameplay, this is one game you can certainly do without adding to your collection.

I for one am always usually willing to jump into any experience that brings back the realism of the World War era, but Verdun brings the hellish experience of war too close to reality, and for all the wrong reasons.

So, there we have it. Yet another week of deals, and our thoughts on what you should be adding to your collection. Do you agree with us? Is there a particular game that has taken your fancy this week or are we seeing another disappointing set of options courtesy of Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

Before you go splashing out on any of this week’s bargains, don’t forget to head on over to CDkeys to pick up some super cheap Xbox Live credit to help that spending go a little further ahead of the Christmas rush. Meanwhile those looking for a full list of offers can check out our other article for every deal available this week.

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 14th-20th Nov 2017


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