Imagine a game set in rural Cold War era Germany. Imagine a game which draws inspiration from iconic shows like Twin Peaks, Star Trek and The X-Files. Imagine no more, because with a little help from a Kickstarter, Trüberbrook is going to become a reality!

Set in 1967 during the Cold War, Trüberbrook puts you in the role of a young American physicist, Hans Tannhauser, who wins a trip to a remote German village he’s never heard of – Trüberbrook – and somehow winds up having to save the world. Not exactly the holiday he was expecting, but Hans’ curious nature will help uncover what’s really going on and how he wound up involved in it all in the first place, as he gets to know the locals.

It’s essentially a story-driven adventure game, where the focus is on the characters and the narrative, but there are still a lot of puzzles needing to be solved, which are woven into the story. The entire world has been handmade by development team btf in order to immerse the player to the fullest, which results in a rather unique visual style to it all. Every little detail has been meticulously crafted, piece by piece and arranged to create the developer’s vision of Trüberbrook.

You can indulge in the lavish visuals, the bonds made between the characters and the suspense this sci-fi adventure brings, when it is scheduled to release at the back end of 2018. Trüberbrook will be published by Headup Games and is looking to launch on Windows, Mac, Linux (all DRM free & via Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in both English and German versions.

As for what you can do right now, you could give the Kickstarter page a visit and help the developers get over the finish line with their unique project, Trüberbrook. Backers can look forward to some great rewards, like a limited, kickstarter-exclusive boxed edition filled with goodies, as well as the opportunity to spice up your home with set pieces from the actual game. How does that sound?

Come on… help a nerd save the world!

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