Fin and the Ancient Mystery Xbox

It isn’t immediately obvious what sort of animal Fin is, but with those big-ears I’d hasten a guess at a fennec fox. This would make him the latest fox-based video game character after Lucky from New Super Lucky’s Tale, Kingsley, Fox McCloud and many more. After his arrival on Nintendo Switch in 2019, today sees the arrival of Fin and the Ancient Mystery on Xbox.

What that Ancient Mystery is could be anyone’s guess, and with a name that vague, it will take all our Fin’s abilities to find out. What looks at first to be a 2D platformer is indeed much trickier than that. Fin will have to slash away at enemies with his sword and unleash a suite of magic spells when the sword is not enough in this metroidvania inspired adventure.

Throughout ten different worlds he will need to run, jump and more to save the world. Bosses will get in his way and he will need to find their weak spot to best them. He will travel through frost covered worlds, sand covered worlds, deep into dungeons and ruins, and even a world beyond time itself.

He will need to use everything he’s got in between those big-ears of his as he solves puzzles, searches for secret rooms and avoids the myriad of traps in front of him.

Fancy taking on the challenge and finally discovering what the ‘Ancient Mystery’ is? Head on over to the Xbox Store where Fin and the Ancient Mystery can be purchased for £4.19, with a 20% discount if you are fast enough! But let us know in the comments if you’ve any other ideas what animal he could possibly be.

Game description

Join big-eared Fin on a journey across ten magic platform worlds to destroy six huge bosses, master magic, and save the world. You are the one with the strength to succeed! Fin must unravel the mysteries of the Clan and find hidden crystal artifacts to protect the world from the ancient Destroyer. The hero will face everything – from tragedy and betrayal to new friends and an incredible adventure! Fin cannot tell his friends and his foes apart until he meets them himself. This 2D adventure game will give you a chance both to brandish a sword and put your brain to good use. Not only will you have to fight for dear life, but also solve entertaining puzzles to stay alive! You will ecounter interesting quests, and it will take all your wits to get to the next Metroidvania level. Don’t forget to grind some levels to be stronger and tougher! GAME FEATURES: – Use your SWORD AND MAGIC to defeat the enemies. – JUMP and run to dodge attacks and traps. – Fight UNUSUAL and dangerous enemies – a VARIETY of monsters and even machines! – Find the WEAK SPOT OF EVERY BOSS and vanquish them! – Collect all the TREASURERS scattered along METROIDVANIA! – GRIND by defeating treacherous enemies. Experience is invaluable and will make you both a great swordsman and a skilled magician! – Travel across BREATHTAKING levels: icy permafrost, sandy desert, green tropics, dungeons, ruins and the world beyond time. – The platformer’s stages are filled with obstacles and VARIOUS TRAPS which fly, spin, shoot and strike at you in every possible way. – EXPLORE the platformer levels and search SECRET ROOMS to pick up bottles with magic potions. Potions will help you to become even stronger! – INVESTIGATE all the items that come into your paws. Remember that even a harmless wooden barrel can hide SECRETS. – Solve PUZZLES to find hidden artifacts.

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