We’ve had the opportunity to train under a number of Masters already in Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, but today sees those opportunities increase with the arrival of 3 more Master Trainers across a number of DLC packs.

Available from today for Shinobi Striker battlers to draw skills from are 3 new Master Trainers, ready to deliver their knowledge your way to ensure you become the best Ninja the world has ever seen.

After purchase you’ll need to head to the Hidden Leaf Village and set them as your new master, but from there on out you’ll be found harnessing their skills and abilities.

But who are available? Well, priced up at £3.19 each, we see the Tobirama Senju, Hokage Hashirama and Hokage Minato Namikaze training packs. Each of these bring new Ninjutsu, weapons and costumes, giving the chance for you to create a ninja unique to yourself.

Full details of each are as follows, and hitting the bold links will whisk you straight to the Xbox Store page:

Tobirama Senju:

  • Two Ninjutsu – Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu (Ranged Type); Water Style: Severing Wave (Ranged Type)
  • A Secret Technique – Tandem Paper Bomb (Ranged Type)
  • A Weapon – Tobirama’s Ninja Blade (Heal Type)
  • An Avatar Part – Tobirama’s Hair (male only)
  • Costumes – Tobirama Outfit (male only); Tobirama’s Ninja Way T-Shirt

Hokage Hashirama:

  • Two Ninjutsu – Wood Style: Laughing Buddha Jutsu (Attack Type); Wood Style: Wood Dragon Jutsu (Attack Type)
  • A Secret Technique – Sage Art: Wood Style: Shinsu Senju Veritable 1000-Armed Kan’on (Attack Type)
  • A Weapon – Hashirama’s Long Sword (Defense Type)
  • An Avatar Part – Hashirama’s Hair (male only)
  • Costumes – Hashirama Outfit (male only); Hashirama’s Ninja Way T-Shirt

Hokage Minato Namikaze:

  • Two Ninjutsu – Flying Raijin Jutsu (Attack Type); Flying Raijin, Level 2 (Attack Type)
  • A Secret Technique – Rasen-Flash Super-Circle Dance Howl Stage Three (Attack Type)
  • A Weapon – Flying Raijin Kunai (Ranged Type)
  • An Avatar Part – Minato’s Hair (male only)
  • Costumes – Minato Outfit (male only); Minato’s Ninja Way T-Shirt

Will you be picking up any of these Master Trainer packs? Or are you just content with the brilliance of the base Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker game?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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