There is a phenomenon where no matter how much money someone makes, they squander it all. Our requirements expand as our income does, and there doesn’t seem to be any place for savings. But setting away some of your income is a very reasonable goal. You may reach out to Payday Depot, and they will always assist you if you are having financial problems. You may spend all your time researching the best places to create accounts or which cryptocurrencies to purchase, but creating a personal budget is where genuine financial literacy starts.

Money Lover

Data import into Excel, cooperative budgeting, and spending and income accounting are all included in the Vietnamese developer’s program. Users may link their bank account to the Money Lover wallet, which has a feature that lets you follow transaction history automatically (they do not need to be manually entered into the program). The program also gives reminders when the predefined limit is reached and when payments are due. Passwords and private information are safely kept in a separate database using high-level RSA 1024-bit encryption.


The envelope approach is the foundation for the American app with over 3 million users. You make them for each area of expense—rent, food, eating out—and then set aside money for each envelope to ensure that you don’t go over your budget. Additionally, users have the option to evaluate spending, upload transactions to CSV, import bank statements in Quicken and Microsoft Money, roll over excess cash to a new month, and budget their finances in preparation. The desktop application of Goodbudget automatically imports spending information.


For people who frequently take business travels and must create trip expense reports as a result, the American Expensify app is appropriate. The user only needs to take a photo of an English-language invoice in a restaurant, store, or hotel for the program to utilize SmartScan technology to add the amount shown on it to the selected spending category. Receipt scanning, expenditure tracking, data transfer into Excel, and PDF trip reports are some of the application’s key features. Expensify also features a trip booking tool where a 24/7 concierge can reserve hotels, rental cars, and flights for business travel. It is possible to integrate services from Sage Intacct, Xero, NetSuite, and QuickBooks. The program’s desktop version can be utilized.

Money Flow

A German developer has created a traditional financial planner with a clear and understandable interface. Spending may be seen as a stream of activities or a chart in the app, which syncs with iPad and Mac. A security code and Touch ID may be used in the software to prevent unauthorized people from entering. Additionally, add images, geotags, and other tags to all of your expenditures. They make it simple to keep tabs on your spending habits and the places you spend the most money. There is a repeat mechanism, so you don’t have to manually enter data each month by linking a loan payment, for instance.