Game Pass truly offers everything, from fascinating farming sims to cool fishing games. This collection contains options for everyone, whether you’re searching for a quiet moment or a game that just requires a little bit of thought. On Xbox Game Pass, these are some of the greatest casual games ever listed.

6. Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher, one of the cutest and strangest video games ever released, is a first-person simulation in which the player explores an open world in search of slime of all hues to bring back to their farm. To avoid crossbreeding, players will gather slimes with a tiny vacuum, or vacpack, and shoot them into their allocated pens.

The player can lose all progress if they crossbreed the incorrect slimes, which will convert them into cannibalistic tar monsters that will eat other slimes whole. The basic goal of the game is to feed slimes the right kinds of food so they can develop plots, which players can then sell for money.

When players start breeding slime in their color-coordinated pens, they will begin to create plots in large quantities as long as the players feed them the proper food. This generates a substantial sum of money that the player may use to enhance his pens, holding devices, and even equipment to quicken movement.

5. Terraria

In the 2D sandbox game Terraria, players must find materials, construct homes, and fend off attacks from enemies all around the landscape. To craft items and tools to help in battle and crafting, players will need to delve into mines and underground caverns.

Many necessary things will drop from particular enemies and in biomes that can be encountered as players explore. NPCs (non-playing characters) move into the players’ homes as they advance in the game, such as by slaying bosses and gathering particular items. These NPCs become a valuable resource since they provide a variety of services or goods that players may require as they go through the game.

With all the wild flashing lights and hectic combat, this game can keep you glued to the screen for hours. The game has a simple concept but the end game is also complex.

4. Four Kings Casino and Slots

You can choose from a wide variety of thrilling casino games at Four Kings Casino and Slots. Play a few hands of poker, place a wager on roulette, take in the fast-paced slot machine spins, and much more.

With in-game chips and a customizable avatar, Four Kings Casino and Slots simulates the sensation of visiting a real casino. This is a thoughtful addition that makes playing the game more immersive than simply seeing it on a screen.

You are free to host a poker party with your friends, which will create a lively social scene that will remind you of a land-based casino. If you only have a short amount of time, slots are a quick solo choice.

To make the most of your experience and to understand the slots, poker, and roulette terms, you can follow the in-game tutorial and search on youtube.

3. Abzu

ABZU is a groundbreaking and graphically breathtaking exploration-adventure game in which the player assumes the role of a diver who must explore the huge, uncharted ocean beneath. The seas will be explored by the players in search of centuries-old practices and ruins.

Finding out what is actually harming the local ecology and learning the secrets buried deep below are the goals of the game. The fish and other aquatic life in the game look wonderful thanks to the gorgeous graphics. The game’s spirit exudes nothing but absolute tranquility and provides players with a lasting impression of our world as we know it.

2. Beach Garden

After a demanding day of life as we know it, playing a puzzle-solving game is an ideal way to unwind. There are about 20 different levels to complete, each with a unique set of challenges. The player controls the passage of time to accomplish their objectives.

The characters are moved back and forth along a predetermined course by the passage of time and space rather than by the players themselves. One of the characters in the game, Friend, has the capacity to interact with technologies and things that affect time, which is important to get past hurdles and go on in the game.

1. Stardew valley

The game has become incredibly popular due to its gorgeous graphics with 16-bit vibes, challenging gameplay, and entertaining features. Players will live the life of their character, who is tired of the stresses of contemporary life and decides to read a message that his grandfather has left for him and seek his counsel. The memo informs him that the land he inherited has been reclaimed by the forest and that he has been named the land’s keeper. Players will need to expand their little farm into a successful enterprise, cultivate crops, create goods, and keep out weeds and undesired pebbles.

Players will explore different areas of a neighboring hamlet during the game and make friends with the locals to buy and sell products there. The character’s ability to endure stress during the game day is also determined by the internal clock, character tiredness level, and health bar.