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A passion project which has been worked on for more than a decade, Ember first launched onto the gaming scene via Steam back in 2016. After picking up ‘Mostly Positive’ reviews, it’s now time for the team at N-Fusion Interactive to make a move onto console, with Ember: Console Edition playing out on Xbox. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Ember: Console Edition takes what N-Fusion learnt about their game on PC, before throwing on some Xbox exclusive features and content.

It’s priced at £12.49 and delivers some proper old school RPG action to gamers looking to relive some of the glories of days gone by. Featuring a story that branches off in multiple directions, it’s ripe for exploration, as you get the chance to work with multiple skills systems and crafting features. 

It tells the tale of how there was no sun or light back in the day. That was until the heavens opened and beacons of light fell. These are ‘Embers’ and it was these which the folk of the day went in search of. But that meant everyone wanted in on the powerful new energy source that was becoming prevalent, and we all know what that means…

With a world that ranges in biome types, Ember: Console Edition will take you through a variety of environments from the Deep Barrows, through all manner of forests, deserts and abysses, before you rock up in the City of Light. 
There are more than 70 different quests to embark on here, with more than 30 hours of adventure awaiting.

When you include the 65 odd combat skills that will be of use through the real-time combat system, and the opportunity to chat to hundreds of NPCs all with their own plans and tales, this is one super rich adventure which will have you engrossed and immersed for hours on end. 

In all the feature set for Ember includes:

  • Classic-style RPG with 30+ hours of epic adventure
  • Epic storytelling filled with fascinating characters, lore, adventure, and humor
  • Over 70 quests with diverse gameplay enabling players to choose their path
  • Engaging party-based real-time combat system with tactical pause
  • Over 65 combat skills for the player to use in customized battle party strategy
  • Encounter hundreds of NPCs with their own tales to tell
  • In-depth crafting system, from baking bread to forging magic weapons and armor
  • A beautiful seamless open world with over 20 handcrafted outdoor environments and dark dungeons that feature puzzles, traps, weather changes and day / night cycles
  • Adventure with different companions with their own backstories and quests

Fancy picking this one up? You’ll find Ember: Console Edition kicking around on the Xbox Store, with those Xbox exclusive features of Axcel, Defender Shield, The Pointer of Power Wand, and other Microsoft-themed pun names included. 

Stay tuned for our full review too. 

Game Description:

Back in the earliest days, there was no sun and the world was dark. The heavens opened up and stars fell like beacons into the pitch black world, and they were known as “Embers”. Powerful and wise druids of a primordial race, “the Lightbringers,” roamed the land searching for this luminous matter. They performed a ritual of awakening to call the “Embers” out of their deep sleep. Suddenly the world became bright, and the veil of darkness was lifted. The Embers were the embodiment of magical flame, light, and life, but as word spread about the sheer power of the Embers, they came to be hunted and captured…and so the War for Ember began…

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