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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Xbox Game Pass is one of the most relevant schemes in gaming, allowing players to get access to a host of brilliant Xbox games for one low monthly price. But much of the draw comes in the form of the new games which are constantly added to the rotating block of titles available to play and today we see a trio of new additions drop onto Xbox Game Pass for players to enjoy. 

It may have taken a while for Game Pass to really become the force it now is, with early day struggles a real problem. Over the last few years though it’s gone from strength to strength, throwing out multiple titles on a near weekly basis and ensuring us Xbox gamers have always had something fresh to get our teeth into. 

Today three more games arrive in Xbox Game Pass – they of Atomicrops, Raji: An Ancient Epic and a debut for the ever intriguing Last Stop. 

We’ll start from the last game on that list and Last Stop comes about via the Annapurna Interactive team, after development has been handled by those of Variable State. This is a super interesting release too as on the back of the award winning Virginia, anything Variable State roll with is sure to gather momentum. 

Last Stop is a narrative drive experience, one that works a third-person angle as we get given the chance to follow three stories. Set in London town, the mysteries that lie ahead are real and it’ll be up to you to uncover them.

With fully voice dialogue, an award winning composer in the form of Lyndon Holland behind the soundtrack and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra delivering the notes, we’re pretty sure this is going to be right up there pushing other Annapurna titles like Outer Wilds, Donut County and Kentucky Route Zero for similar honours. 

Whilst Last Stop may be the biggest of the names to arrive in Xbox Game Pass form today, it’s not the only one and joining it is also Raji: An Ancient Epic. Honestly, this is another that you’ll struggle to go wrong with.

After releasing at the backend of 2020, we went and dropped some thoughts in regards what Raji was able to deliver, giving it a big 4/5 rating in our review and picking up on sublime visuals, a brilliant soundtrack and some super storytelling. 

It has you playing as the titular girl – Raji – as you wonder ancient India in hope that you can stand up to a demonic invasion. No pressure there then. Go and grab it from the Xbox Store right now.

And finally the third arrival in Xbox Game Pass today is that of Atomicrops. Now, we can’t even pretend to put this in the same storytelling category as either Raji or Last Stand, but if you want to farm or die, you’re going to be sorted. 

Atomicrops is certainly a game with charm; an action packed roguelike farming simulator – but not quite in the same vein as the upcoming Farming Simulator 22 – in which you’ll need to defend your farm from allcomers. In that mind it’s a bit like Farm for your Life, but better. You see, we reviewed Atomicrops upon release in May 2020 and praised it for many things – most notably the unique concept, the good art design and the addicitve gameplay; three things that makes most games must-players. 

With it now available as a free download via Xbox Game Pass, we reckon you could probably look past Atomicrops’ issues of repetition. I mean, play it for a bit, and once that grind strikes, there will be no harm in uninstalling again. 

You may wish to do that too as the end of July is looking like being a jam-packed week for Xbox Game Pass additions with more titles arriving on both the 26th and 29th July. 

As always though, it’s the three new additions that have made land on Xbox Game Pass today that are of most interest. Let us know in the comments which you’ll be playing first. Surely it’s gotta be Last Stop? Or maybe Raji? Or perhaps Atomicrops?! Whatever it is, you can be sure it’ll be a cracker.

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