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QUByte Interactive are well known for being able to deliver Xbox gamers some cheap and cheerful gaming opportunities. Never before though have they packaged up three games in one that are likely to test your mind as much as the triple threat found in the Him & Her Collection. 

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, the Him & Her Collection brings together three games – Him & Her, Her Challenges and Him & Her 3 – in one neat bundle. Priced at £3.29, there’s seemingly much content for the cash outlay, with just over a quid sitting on each game. 

What you’re getting in the Him & Her Collection doesn’t particular differ too much throughout the trilogy. It has you playing as a singular character, tasked with traversing a number of puzzling levels in order to reach the love of their life. Do so, and another test will be thrust your way. 

The catch is that whilst you can jump as per the normhim in the Him & Her Collection, walking to the edge of any platform will see the whole world turn by ninety degrees, flipping you on your head, quite literally. By utilsing the movement of the level and your jumping prowess, you’ll need to work out the best route possible in order to reach your goal. 

A simple visual style is all that will immerse you in to the lands of the Him & Her Collection, with little in the way of deviation from that style. 

We’re intrigued to how this puzzler will play out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S so hold tight for a full review. 

For now though, grab the download you need from the Xbox Store

Game Description:

Him & Her Collection brings three games of the challenging puzzle-platformer series, Him & Her, Her Challenges and Him & Her 3. You can move your character from a side-scrolling perspective, and at any time, you can also jump. However, when not jumping you simply walk towards the platforms and the entire level will rotate according to the direction you are moving the ledges. Its dark themed yet family friendly tone, from the grey world to its compelling soundtrack, will make each moment an enjoyable experience as the player figures out the correct route to lead Him or Her alive to his soulmate. Developed by Willams and published by QUByte Interactive with Game Nacional

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