Another week down, another week dusted. Sit back and let us give our opinions on the best Xbox One and Xbox 360 news, reviews and videos. It’s been a hell of a week!

Basically though, we’re picking up from where we left off last time round, with some new announcements for Xbox One.

Whilst the games in question may not be as high profile as those of the last few weeks, first details regarding ORBIT and Slice Zombies for Kinect have been more than welcome. Indie games are the lifeblood of new generation console gaming and without the small teams behind these games, we’d be at the mercy of the big developers to throw sequel after sequel onto the games store. It’s especially good to see a new Kinect title being prepped because no matter what you think of the motion controller, there are enough of us out there with it sitting pretty on top of our TVs for it to be thrown to one side.

However the announcement of a new Overlord title from Codemasters is definitely something to get hyped over. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil will run with a four player co-op mode, and so it looks like we’ll finally be able to get to grips with our minions whilst running alongside a number of friends. As long as a top campaign accompanies proceedings then we’ve got no issue with that! It’ll be interesting to see how the team behind it make the move from full on solo game to the multiplayer madness that many consider as an essential inclusion.

overlord fellowship header

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood becoming available as a digital pre-order and pre-download on Xbox One has also got us more than a little excited. The New Order was a welcome addition to the FPS world as we took in the story of William Blazkowicz and his love of killing Nazis. With The Old Blood dropping as a standalone prequel to the previous story, we can only hope that old B.J. comes up trumps once again. We have no reason to not believe MachineGames won’t deliver the goods and it’ll be great to see some never-seen-before Nazi enemies in action.

All the above will soon be dropping on the Xbox One Games Store but if you are after something for the here and now, then you are also in luck.

Happy Wars is now available to download for free; after someone pressed the big green GO button a few weeks ago by mistake, it’s good to see the online multiplayer action game up and running proper on Xbox One. If the reception received by the 360 version is anything to go by, we can only have Happy Wars down as a nailed on success. Accompanying it this week have been three other releases, namely Aaru’s Awakening, Ubisoft’s latest 2.5D Assassin’s Creed attempt with Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China and Wales Interactives first Xbox One title, Infinity Runner.


We originally heard about Wales Interactive when we went hands on with their upcoming Xbox One title, Soul Axiom at EGX Rezzed, one thing lead to another and we were lucky enough to be able to review their first game, Infinity Runner. The name may sound like a Temple Run wannabee, and to a certain extent, you’d be right…but there’s much more to the space runner than tumbling head first down a few corridors. Our review has all the deets so feel free to check it out – and the space wolves it brings!

You may also like to check out our thoughts on Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin and Slender: The Arrival as well. Both are sure to haunt you forever more…but for completely different reasons!

Let me leave you this week with some thoughts regarding the WWE series. We are blessed to have a huge wrestling fan in the TXH ranks and James has had a think about how WWE 2K16 can learn from its predeccessor to be the best WWE title yet. You may think more wrestlers and a better understanding of the physics required to produce such a game would be high on the list. Are you right? Well, check out the article and be sure to let him know in the comments at the end.






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