The E3 hype is building with publishers and developers the world over dropping more and more details in regards their games. But which were the best Xbox One and Xbox 360 news and review articles from the last week…you know, the ones you really can’t miss?

Well, Fallout 4 announcements aside, our favourites from the last seven days have been the following:

1) Sparkle Unleashed Review

We make no bones about this, Sparkle Unleashed is one of the best games released on Xbox One this year. Many may look at that comment and immediately turn away laughing, wondering how the humble match three marbles game can take on the big AAA titles that have dropped recently.

Well, it does so with some of the most addictive gameplay and cunningly teased powerups ever found on an Xbox One digital only title. Multiplayer may be missing – our review will give you the full details – but when a small development team can take the time to answer a Q&A session, during what is possibly their busiest week ever, then you’ve got to be more than impressed with both the quality of games coming out of 10tons and indeed the attitude. If you want to know more about Sparkle Unleashed, then our Q&A with the team is a must read.

sparkle unleashed pic 1

2) Games With Gold for June 2015

The Xbox Live Games With Gold promotion is something that all Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers look forward to. With the vast majority of owners holding an Xbox Live Gold subscription, the chance to pick up a free game or three each month is a great one. June 2015 sees one of the best ‘free’ lineups so far for Xbox 360 owners, with both Just Cause 2 and Thief being stripped of those price tags.

Xbox One owners may complain that they’ve seen enough of Pool Nation FX to last them a lifetime, but the arrival of the intriguing Massive Chalice should just about make up for it.

3) The Swapper Review

Prior to its arrival on Xbox One, The Swapper took home a whole host of awards as a PC indie title. Now though, the guys at Facepalm Games need to be on the lookout for a new trophy cabinet as it’s made the transition to console beautifully.

Set in deepest space, you’ll need to help your scavenging astronaut navigate their way through numerous puzzles, Armed only with a cloning device, the old grey matter gets a full workout as you try to work out the best way to solve each room placed in front of you. With some superb puzzles and one of the most atmospheric storylines to be found in digital titles, The Swapper should be right up on your radar.

battleborn pic 1

4) New modes and features announced for Battleborn!

When the guys behind Borderlands get together and promise something new and exciting you just have to sit up and take notice. Well, with 2K and Gearbox Software teaming up again and Borderlands now firmly placed to one side, the arrival of Battleborn is something all Xbox owners should be keeping an eye on.

This last week saw the announcement in regards to new modes and features for the game. Whilst everything mentioned seems like the most natural of progressions from the Borderlands universe 25 unique playable characters, a story mode which is playable alone or with friends, three distinctly different competitive multiplayer modes and a persistent progression system all sounds like more than fair to us.

5) NBA 2K16 to get three covers and a Spike Lee storyline!

We aren’t the biggest NBA fans, but are always up for a little blast whenever 2K get busy on the courts. Three different covers for one game doesn’t particularly excite us either. However, Spike Lee? Now you’re talking.

The NBA 2K series has never had much emphasis on the storyline, but if you get one of the world’s greatest storytellers and mix it with the passion that basketball brings, then things are no doubt going to be on to a winner. We’re excited to see Lee getting involved with NBA 2K16 and so should you.

With a week of E3 promoting on the horizon, make sure you stay tuned to everything Xbox via the usual social media channels. It’s gearing up to be a big un!




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