Another week full of Xbox One news, reviews and videos has been and gone. Let us take you on a little trip back to check out the best stuff!

And my god were there some good things to chat about; namely a crazy ass ultra limited edition version of Dying Light! Techland’s zombie thriller released digitally a month back but the delay to the physical release has given them the chance to set up something extra special. The ‘My Apocalypse’ edition of Dying Light will cost, wait for it, a cool £250,000 but comes with some neat special additions that you wouldn’t normally realise even existed. Full details can be found on our article…will you be popping in to the bank and requesting a big old loan?

dying light

If you don’t reckon you can find the sort of cash in order to make the ‘My Apocalypse’ edition reality, then you may just have to console yourself with the latest interactive trailer instead…it shows you how seamless the switch between night and day in Dying Light really is. Check it out.

For those of us with not quite so deep pockets, the Xbox Live Games With Gold scheme is a bit of a godsend. March is here (pretty much) and with it comes three new titles; one on Xbox One and two for Xbox 360 players. With Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite and Rayman Legends all available for free this coming month, the Games With Gold scheme has moved up a notch, with March possibly being the best yet!

And if that isn’t good enough for ya, then the news that Fable Legends will not only be cross-platform compatiable with Xbox One and Windows 10 PC but also be completely free to play should be of interest to each and every Xbox One owner. As should the upcoming addition of Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious, that’ll be free too and whilst we don’t expect anything as in-depth and addictive as the recent FH2 Storm Island content, the fact it will be completely standalone from the main game should mean many more 360 and One owners get the chance to experience a little bit of the world’s best racing game.

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We are also super excited to see and hear the additions of two new titles that will be coming to Xbox One later this year. Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 may have missed the whole ‘slash that fruit’ boat a little but we were big fans of the original on Xbox 360 and so its sequel, with better, more responsive motion tracking technology behind it should still be a bit of a hit. Pure Hold’em meanwhile will be dropping on Xbox One thanks to the guys at Voofoo Studios and Ripstone Games. If it’s any where as addictive as their last title, Pure Pool, we think it’ll be a must have inclusion to anyone’s games library.

We then must put you in the direction of our reviews, of which there were three this last week.

Roundabout has been on our radar for the best part of 12 months and we’re super excited to now see it available on Xbox One. Telling the story of revolving limousine driver, Georgio Manos via the form of a 70’s B-Movie looks to be a bit of an inspired choice. Check out our full review and then get moving over to that Xbox Games Store in order to make a purchase. You won’t regret it.

roundabout header

We’d love to also be able to say the same about two other titles we’ve also checked out this week, but would be lying a little if we said you must purchase both Trivial Pursuit Live! or the Hall of Pain DLC for WWE 2k15. Obviously you should have a read of our thoughts by clicking those links but don’t expect anything too outstanding from either game.

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That’s about it for another Week In The Hub, but let me leave you with the latest Batman Arkham Knight trailer. As is always the case, it’s rather damn good!

Cya 🙂


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