The weekend is here and that must mean we’ve managed to make it through another week chock full of Xbox One and Xbox 360 news, reviews and videos. But which were our favourites? What are the big stories you really shouldn’t miss?

Well, we have to be honest and admit the week didn’t start off on the best foot with the news that the highly anticipated Batman Arkham Knight has been delayed. Admittedly it’s not for too long, and we’d much rather have a fully working superb title than see Warner Bros hold back on a few things, but a delay is still disappointing. At least the accompanying trailer perked us up a little!

There were also a few other things that raised our spirits as well, none more so than the announcement of Aprils Xbox Games With Gold titles. We had been promised a bumper crop of free games and two going free all month for Xbox One owners, alongside the four free titles that Xbox 360 owners will be able to grab is above and beyond what we really expected.


We were also rather pleased to finally hear more from Codemasters regarding their latest F1 title. F1 2015 will be Codies first foray onto Xbox One after deciding to sit out last years release with a final old generation F1 game, but the details and screens that they’ve released in relation to their new gen debut have got us excited for F1 once again. It certainly looks and feels like it’ll be a superb addition to the Xbox One library and we can’t wait until June!

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Additionally, if you haven’t yet checked out the news regarding SteamWorld Dig, the current beta for Pure Hold’em on Xbox One, the latest details of the system update for April or the arrival of Slender: The ArrivalForza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious and Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty on Xbox One then hit those links and be prepared to digest the deets.

Life is Strange Episode 2 is also available now for download on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, and that gets us nicely on to our reviews for the week…of which there were no less than six going live, one of which was indeed for the latest episode of the time bending thriller, Life is Strange. The series started off immensely well and it was a little disappointing to see such a big gap in time between the first and second chapters, but now it’s here, is it worth the wait? Hell yeh…but check out our review and you can see for yourself!


We also managed to find the time to have a look at Episode 2 of another segmented adventure, this time in the form of Telltale Games’ frankly superb, Tales from the Borderlands. Does the story of Rhys and Fiona deserve a look? Well, yet again our review will let you know for sure.

Episodic titles are all the rage at the moment and so it would be wrong for us not to point you in the direction of our review of Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 3. From initially being a little bored with the whole Resi Evil way of life, Revelations 2 has completely turned our opinion round and the third chapter in the short series doesn’t ruin our new found love in any way. If you’re looking for a top notch story teller that just so happens to throw a shed load of mutants your way, then you really could do worse than check it out.

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However, if you just want to kill things, then there really is only one place you should be putting your cash…Zombie Army Trilogy on Xbox One. Our review is now live and tells you exactly why your wallet should be opening pronto; basically though it brings you zombies, zombies, more zombies and Adolf Hitler! It’s also a huge amount of fun when played through the online cooperative mode…even if it is a little tough to complete.

zombie army trilogy coop pic 1

Finally for this week I’d like to send you flying towards our two final reviews, that of Jet Car Stunts and OlliOlli. Both bring unique experiences to Xbox One and whilst they aren’t ‘must buys’ will most definitely appeal to certain gamers. Check out our reviews and let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

That’s all for now. Catch you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or indeed Xbox Live some time soon!



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